accidental slip?

I was laying down when I felt the shadow move over, hovering like a dark cloud.. at least that is how I imagined it. I was on my stomach and so I didn’t actually see it. I felt it, pushing heavy at my back. I felt it envelope my head, almost wrapping around and had a more distinct feeling of being pushed down. I felt the bed indent and then my body sink in.. then I slipped through. For a few moments I was looking at a woman, her back was to me and her head was covered. I was in a form, but I’m not so sure it was mine.. it didn’t feel quite normal. I looked over her shoulder to see what she was holding. It was a baby, skin burned black.. charred but still recognizable. The baby was in a white cloth, black bits flaked on it in spots. She didn’t seem to be of any emotion, the woman.. which I thought was odd. I felt myself snap back to where I was laying. I got up to walk around, clear my head a bit.. I still didn’t feel quite right. What had just happened?


This slip occurred sometime last week or just before. My fellow hedger mentioned how I’d been getting much fire recently. This is so true, I’ve had fire on the altar, fire in Nelia, fire in the cards, and then this. There is so much that I’ve been working with in shadow, but I think it might be a good idea to look at this element in my life a bit more closely once I reach Midsummer with (hopefully) the passing of that work. I am thinking on trying a new journeying technique, more on that later.. but in discussing it with her, she presented me with some lovely bits from her last trip. There was this one particular stone she’d brought to me that I was strongly drawn to. I originally was thinking on using a hag stone and a new piece of protective jewelry (for said new trial) in place of my quartz for water scrying, but I decided on this stone instead. Something about the coloring and the texture makes me think of lava rock. I plan to call the spirits of the land, its place, to it beforehand; maybe pass it through the candle flame, and see what I can see. I am curious to find what what it will bring..


3 thoughts on “accidental slip?

  1. Maybe a past life experience. Mothers in centuries past were so used to so many of their children dying before age 3 that they probably burned out on their emotions on seeing another one dead. “My fellow hedger mentioned how I’d been getting much fire recently.” what does this mean hedger and getting much fire???? Sometimes the more the light (approaching midsummer) the darker the shadow. what mineral is this stone? Lava is cooled fire. Travel on dear, protected by yr spirits and yr own Spirit. If u wish to discuss deeper email me….

  2. I guess when I say fellow hedger, I mean (I say I mean because it is not up to me to define her, just how I think of when I think of her) someone who shares my path of sorts.. walks between the worlds.. crosses.. and getting much fire (other than under fire, my shadows are beating me up.. so long and personal so that I will email) like my altar spontaneously almost caught fire, nelia came to me and she is fire scorched, the cards were full of fire laden imagery (at least to me).. lots of things that bring it to mind. I will email soon.. we will discuss and you can tell me how things are going in your sphere of the world.. all my love to you wise one..

    1. Oh, a hedge witch. Yea fire. For me in the last two months i have broken something glass about every other day. Lots of changes going on for me, some reflected in my blog post, most not, some shared with witch friends, much not. Who is Nelia? Off to my mum’s to change a dressing on her leg. email and maybe we can talk by phone some day my blessed childe. I am not that wise, just old and experienced, and a wise guy, lol. BB

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