bags and tethers

My hedge bag hangs above my altar, a smaller twin of sorts to my hedge jar.. both tools I use when I journey from home. Made of the soft white rabbit fur, it holds all those things needed.. to bring me through and back again. I specifically split the bits between my jar and my bag to form a connection.. they are tied to one another for a reason. Where the bag is for the journey, the jar is to ground me to the physical realm and therefore, through the connection, further aid in my return. There are bits of brown hare, parts of spider, herbs related to death, travel, and protection; quartz to ground and strengthen, bits of my fetch, blackthorn spikes for defense, bits from the coast to call me to the ocean (a gift from Walking Bear, and therefore also a connection to him).. so many things. I add and subtract as the need takes me, but I always tie the two together.


My jar, in addition, is a fetiche. Fetiches and vessels are often used to house spirits – a place to tie them to this realm. Depending on your use, they typically house one spirit.. but they can be used to house those similar/mutual. This is the case with my hedge jar, which serves residence for those I call specifically for journey. I’ve never met anyone who does this quite in this manner, but it works well for me. In addition to bits of those I work with and the larger portions of herbs, stones, etc; it holds things to tether. I added objects to tie it to my home, the land, my personal.. such as river rock and plants from my garden, patchouli (my scent).. things to ground and call me back. Both objects have been cleansed and set to their purpose.. and in the case of my jar, the spirits invited to dwell there.


You can do this however your tradition calls, I use smudge and florida water to cleanse.. often I leave it out in the moonlight for a bit. Then I will speak to it of its purpose, or in the case of a fetiche – connect the spirit to the vessel. This practice also varies among paths and you will want to do what feels right for you. I light a summoning incense and call the spirits to me.. by name, description, however you know them. For my hedge jar I used an incense more related to the wilds.. smelling of dirt, green, and berries. You can chant, sing, speak.. whatever conveys the message. Invite them and ask if they are willing. At the point when I feel like I’ve received a response, I then blood the vessel to show them the way. If you don’t do workings of blood, you can add something else of personal – hair, clippings, a treasured item. I then burn/leave an offer in thanks and farewell. This is now a working relationship and as with any relationship, it needs to be fostered.. I will feed it, leave offers, commune.. things to strengthen that bond.


9 thoughts on “bags and tethers

  1. Found your blog through Kayla’s. Love reading it so far! Was curious.. your bag and jar, do you leave the jar on your altar and wear the bag on your person while you do your hedgeriding? And when you say you use your jar as a fetiche for spirits, is it for the spirits that aid you in your travels such as a familiar or different spirits? Hope this finds you well and I look forward to reading more~

    1. Yes, I wear the bag and the jar stays on my altar or nearby. The spirits are those I work with on my journey.. The ones who bring things to me, help me through the gate, travel at my side, and who are in and out of my dreams.. These are only the ones I work with constantly, although the in and out visitors may be added or subtracted as needed. I look forward to reading your blog!

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