solstice ocean


The solstice weekend was quite busy for me despite a few snafus. I was a bit low energy early on but still managed to make my good friends’ solstice party. It was an evening of great food, greater people, and ginger beer.. one really can’t ask for more than that. I had a wonderful time. My girls and I had planned to spend the next day on Shackleford, but as it was, it just didn’t quite work out as planned. My fellow hedger and I did still make it out though, each of us having our own things we needed to do.


In absence of the planned ritual, I did light a candle for the summer and spoke a little something. We found a nice driftwood stang on the beach to hold the simple rite. I did my release of shadow and we spent the day playing in the ocean, collecting shells, and picnicking.. Kayla even found a little bone in the horses’ watering pond and I found a little sand dollar. We saw one of the foals.. truly not a bad way to spend a solstice celebration. We left early in the afternoon to head for the graveyard, she had something to do and I was going to pass the time at my grave.. I left a found feather for the little girl. It was there in the graveyard that Kayla found another bone. I got again the heron, maybe a bit of shadow has decided to linger.. or maybe it’s not mine that’s lingering.


King of Vessels – Heron

Greeting the dawn, often alone, the Heron is reputed to be gifted with psychic perception and reflection. The guardian of many esoteric secrets, it is said to stand at the gateway between life and death and to act as mediator on th esoul’s journey to the Celtic otherworld and reincarnation.
A deep belief in fairness, honesty and honour colours everything you do. The profound depths of your character, once stirred into action, carry all before it. However, your admiration for self control can sometimes make you appear too rigid.
I feel it important to mention (for Heron, who keeps popping up, I know you’ll see this eventually) that the heron is a vessel card. Vessels in the wildwood stand at the time of Lammas through to the Autumn equinox. It is a card of emotions – which I am sure you already know.. emotions, relationships, romance, compassion, forgiveness, instinct, mourning, being of the heart, the element of Water.
Also (maybe this will mean something for you), I pulled a shadow card on this one..

Six of bows – Abundance

In the heart of a forest clearing is a six-spoked, star-shaped log fire, formed from trimmed but unfletched bow staves. It radiates light and heat and forms the pattern of the seasons. The fire is surrounded with representations of all manner of natural forest riches from the summer season.

A time to reap the benefits of summer abundance and to accept the rewards and blessings that are a result of endurance. By patiently attending what you have sown, the blessings of the new growth will be bountiful and rich.

The Wheel turns and the time to enjoy the fruits and rewards of the summer season has arrived. Patience acknowledges the plentiful bounty which delivers the gifts and rewards for your efforts. Now is the time to allow this generous feeling of well-being to flow freely through and around you, and to enjoy the pleasures and sustenance those healing and revitalizing gifts can offer. Sometimes, after a period of stress and hard struggle, the process of healthy relaxation is vital to re-arm and re-energize the spirit in preparation for the challenges of the coming winter.

Being in shadow and of summer, I feel it is in the about to pass or just passing.. a nudge to put it all aside and just be, perhaps? It lies before the Heron and hinting of something to come with the coldness of winter.



16 thoughts on “solstice ocean

      1. also, and this has no specific importance at all.. just cool- the tree across from that particular grave has a marking quite similar to the one in that card (I left an offering at the tree in addition to the grave, just so all things were covered, lol)

  1. Recently purchased the Wildwood Tarot deck; very much looking forward to working with it, especially seeing the interesting posts you’ve included it in 🙂

    You’ve mentioned, a few times I think, that you feel part of your work is psychopompic, and that’s something that jumped out at me in the Heron card’s description from this post. It’s reappearance to you seems to say, from what I can tell, that it’s somewhat of a thumbs-up, green-light, yes-check type symbol as far as whatever you’re choosing and/or doing as being authentic to yourself and your sense of purpose.

  2. I love the wildwood deck, I hope it speaks to you 🙂 and yes, I didn’t even think of that.. Thank you, brilliant.. Sometime I get so wrapped in what is going on around me.. Maybe for me as well.

  3. The wildwood cards are a great deck, and the heron’s one who’s appeared to me a couple of times recently, which has coincided with my encountering herons on a local river becoming more frequent. Something I want to look into further.

  4. Nice altar and nice cleanup of the ocean and great pics and writings as usual. Refresh my memory whose girl’s grave you visit and why or refer me back to that post please Mish. The heron is very still and patient, meditating, looking, feeling ripples of prey with its legs, then strikes like lightening. The perfect Zen martial art master, just a thought that came into my head……

    1. well, normally I visit that old unreadable grave and that day I did but I also visited the girls grave.. she has quite a story.. (excerpt from
      In the cemetery, deeded to the town in 1731, live oaks shade the resting places of soldiers from the Revolutionary and Civil wars, along with a little girl buried in a rum keg. That’s what her weathered tombstone reads: “Little Girl Buried in Rum Keg,” along with a drawing of a daisy.

      The girl’s backstory is that her father took her along during a shipping trip to England in the 1700s. She died during the voyage. Her father, vowing to return her home, preserved her in a rum barrel. Although the story is slightly morbid, visitors connect with it, and they leave stuffed animals, seashells, and flowers on the girl’s grave, making her more popular than the British naval officer buried feet down in salute toward England.

      1. Wow, i must have missed that post. Can u send a more specific link as that one is just to the state history in general. yea preserving her in alcohol aka rum makes sense and has been done before with people who died at sea. She has become a little deity in her own right. Is she happy or sad? Is she still there as a ghost or has she reincarnated? I bet a little of both, bet she reincarnated as her dad’s daughter again or married one of his sons.

  5. I never posted on her, I just always seem to stop by her on my way to “my” grave.. here is another link, does this one work better??:

    I always feel neither.. maybe sometimes melancholy but more like she just draws you in.. or the energy surrounding the grave, that could be from all the visitors though as well..

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