bones are the new crystals

Someone said this to me, not so long ago, in response to a discussion on how this movement toward the more “traditional” (for lack of a better term and I am not going to beat this one to death.. based on, animistic, more naturalistic.. flavored hedgey.. pick your poison) seems to be having a moment. The phrasing made me giggle a bit when I thought about it.. you see, I’ve been on this path for more years than dirt, even before I knew it was this path. Before the internet (yes, that old) was so widespread, the information was just not out there and really I was just doing my own thing.. I didn’t realize it had its own title of sorts. I giggled because I’ve always worked such things but recently I have been thinking about crystals as I haven’t much worked with them.. which means, wait for it.. crystals may be my new bones.. but I’m getting off track again. Am I concerned about this just being a “new” shiny thing (was asked)? No, not really.. mildly curious as to how it will work out in the all, maybe. I think it is good to see all the new, even those who will explore for a bit and find it not to their taste. We all have to try things to find what speaks to us and maybe in its newfound shininess, there will be those who find it to be their true path as I have. It’s a good thing. Those who don’t will hopefully move on to find their own way. The few who might stay on for the fae glamour of the somethings shiny, well, I figure once they realize how much the path will beat at them that they will eventually find their movement on to what better fits or find something wondrously new about themselves. The most important thing is that you find the spiritual path that speaks to you, otherwise – what is the point? And what about crystals? I read somewhere the phrase “crystals are the bones of the earth” or something like that.. of which I loved.. it is so true. I really have been digging the idea of working with crystals recently.. but more on that later.


9 thoughts on “bones are the new crystals

  1. I think some time ago I read something similar about rocks and crystals being the bones of the earth. I loved that idea as well. I have my granddaddy to thank for my love of raw rocks and minerals. I’m not much for the smooth, shiny tumbled stones though…I went through that phase a long while ago and I’m over it now…I finally accepted that it was okay that it just wasn’t my thing. I do still love the rough and raw pieces though and I mostly work with what I’ve found on walkabouts in nature.

  2. yes, I definitely prefer the raw ones.. except maybe moonstone.. I love all moonstones. I saw a raw fire agate somewhere that I just loved.. I wish I could remember where but it seemed to beat on its own almost.. anyhoos.. rambling..

    1. I have a lava stone, looks like a big black crystal I picked up at the last pagan pride, I am excited about starting there.. So far I’ve really only worked mostly with my quartz.

  3. I’ve been a crystal shopper, but am sometimes drawn to pick up stones locally, quartz is one I’ve found. I quite like simple rocks, such as millstone and sandstone, which I believe also have quartz content.

  4. I pick up a lot of misc rock but I never really know what they are.. It’s kinda silly but every time I go somewhere with friends or have a really happy time.. I try to pick up a rock or she’ll or something natural to add to my workroom or altar to bring back some of that good energy.

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