where has michael landon gone?

I don’t know, but sometimes I worry about his absence.. but I guess it really hasn’t been that long, I just seem to be noticing it more now for some reason. Let me explain.. since I was a child, off and on and only occasionally, I would see this impression of a man. I am almost always awake (or he wakes me up), almost always in my bedroom (no matter where in life), and I never know why he is there. A warning? A watcher? An ancestor? Other? Again, I just don’t know.. oh, and even though I can never see him clearly, the impression of his clothing makes me think of Little House on the Prairie.

The first time I remember him was when I was around five. I woke to him just sitting on the end of my bed. I remember sliding up to the very top and trying to scream for my mother, but I was just too scared to get the words out. I feel like I had to have seen him at some point in between then and this next, but I cannot recall it. The next clear memory of him was when I was with the ex-husband. I was in bed reading when someone grabbed my foot. I saw a shadow but the ex was asleep beside me. I turned back to look and there he was standing by the bed end and then at some point he was gone.

Past that there were other infrequent visits here and there, but then last year he visited quite frequently.. always standing in the same spot at my closet door with the exception of one kitchen visit. Then came the bloody lady, followed by much activity, and his visits just stopped. The husband commented (and then quickly stated it must have been a shadow) that he thought he saw a man going up the stairs one night.. I wonder if that was him?


3 thoughts on “where has michael landon gone?

  1. Interesting. I have seen Lady Phoebe and Doc Santee in dreams, and in a semi-lucid trance state, but the other day when i was up north i visited his grave and then a lady in the Coven i have not seen in decades who is very psychic, and it seems he followed me back to her house, and i saw him out of the corner of my eye in a white doctor’s lab coat in a mirror, and then throughout my visit could feel him and now i feel him all the time as a chill up my spine when he shows up. No, not crazy, lol. Long story too personal to write in a public blog comment……

    1. I meant to call you on Sunday but the day slipped away (we had a death in the family, it’s been.. well, you know.. it’s been).. interesting though, interesting.. I am glad I’m not the only one who occasionally gets these fellas “out of context”.. I swear I’m going to try to call on you next weekend 😉

      On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 11:01 AM, love by the moon wrote:


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