mountain trek


The husband and I  took a mountain trip over the weekend, out to see some vineyards and drink some wine. We visited Biltmore, this beautiful old house full of fancy things that I didn’t much get very excited about, and drank a large amount in tastings.. which I did get very excited about. We had a lovely visit to the gardens (which was much more fun for me than the house).. full of every which rose, loads of herbs, and wildflowers everywhere. There was foxglove (I stole a bell as souvenir), coneflower, fern, lavender.. so, so much to play with. We trekked out through the “wilderness” paths to see the waterfall.. I left a couple of offers for the trees that called along the way. We met a couple of snakes while climbing over rocks in the river, I retrieved some small stones from the running water of the falls for my girls.. powerful energy of movement and all that. We waded through a sea of shiny neon blue-black dragonflies to perch on one huge stone out in the water before heading back to life. I even got to hang out a bit with the Diana statue before dragging my exhausted body back to the room. We both agreed that touristy stuffs out of the way, next trek was going to be all nature.. there are quite a few places I didn’t have the time to visit.


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