This past full moon was spent in the garden with the husband, drinking wine and harvesting a few overgrown wormwood, comfrey, and basil plants. I had been ignoring my poor garden of late, being busy in life, and so it had become quite the jungle in its efforts to get a bit of attention. I plan to spend some time out there very soon (hopefully) getting it in hand and making amends. I did lay out the gifted jade pool stone, next to a cherished moon goddess sculpture from an old friend.. I think I mentioned my plan to use it for scrying.

Sometimes, if an object calls to me, I will use it for such. I have an old crystal bowl from who knows where that I will put the object in, particularly if the object is small and/or not reflective, and cover it with water.. using the reflective surface of the water for the scrying. I’m sure any bowl would do, this one just always felt right. Somehow, at least for me, the water seems to amplify and so this method has worked well for me. Feeling it’s draw, I decided to set the stone out for a cycle to charge after running it through the sage and fire. I left offerings of wine and food to the nature spirits, and then spent the rest of the evening just enjoying the night.





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