adventures in the hum drum

I see from below that it has been awhile since my last posting (bad pagan, no cookie).. honestly, it’s been a pretty uneventful go of late, not that I’m complaining. The dreams have tapered down and all is quiet throughout the land. The day to day of normal continues.. I still keep up my altar, Gomi still destroys bits of it. I feed my fetiches, I feed my plants, I care for the ancestor altars.. everything goes on per the usual. I am really enjoying the down time.


I did get gifted some lovely wormwoods from the mistress of the box and lost a couple of my plants.. this included one of my oldest ivies, the keeper of my secrets.. I can only assume she was done. I went to pick up some takeout goodness the other day and came back with a subdued little whispery aloe.. yes, from the said restaurant. Sometimes I find companions in the strangest of places. I went out and about with some friends to the local-ish Arboretum.. I left some offers here and there. I harvested the wormwood. This is the most I’ve walked with spirit of late.. cycles and all that I guess. I might try scrying in the soon as the moon cycle has passed. Tonight I head out to have dinner with a witchy friend.. Yeah, I am truly loving all this down time.



5 thoughts on “adventures in the hum drum

  1. Maybe even the gods take a late summer vacation before the frenzy of All Hallows, lol. I have Got to get out to harvest some comfrey and plantain for a friend’s panacea healing salve, steeped in olive oil and then slow cooked down. Also my mugwort, wormwood, etc all need harvested then dried in the perfect area for such on the top floor of the hex haus. If it ever stops raining here and things dry out i will do so at new moon or first crescent. Blessings.

    1. Somehow I feel this summer is never ending, every time I think I’m done with the planting harvests I turn around and they have grown huge again..and the weeding.. Oh the Blessings to you my Blau.. Always in my thoughts..

      1. /well your summers last a bit longer down there. Up here we can feel the taste of autumn though warm and humid it be yet, with maple leaves falling already in the yard. By about September i give up on weeding anyway. This full moon weekend i will harvest the rest of my incense herbs to hand in the warm dry top floor of the hex haus. Oh, a friend gave me an idea what to do with all the rest of those aquamarine cut stones – you know that wall mural of the mermaid nagini Tab painted? I am going to glue them to various parts of her and the water and really blink it out, in a subtle way. Cool huh? And in a far top shelf corner of my late dad’s garage i found a little box, and within it my grandpa’s collection of native artifacts, over 200, many points being knapped of almost clear quartz, jasper, chalcedony, grey flint and lots of limestone ones. Some are Very old and i am getting an archeologist friend to evaluate them, though i have two of the best books on identifying them available, if i just had the time with all my other projects… Blessed full moon to you and yours dear. L/S

  2. Oh time, time.. It does pass us by more quickly than we are prepared for.. You do need to send me your address so I can send compensation for the lovelies (no objection allowed, lol).. I am jealous of your peeking autumn.. So very jealous.. Some days I want to peel my skin off- it just gets so sticky here. I bet those stones will look amazing in (on? Lol) the mermaid.. You will have to send me a pic when time allows.

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