summer’s heat and the attack of the never ending harvest



The heat of summer has not tapered one bit in our area. I’ve spent most of my time harvesting still.. comfrey, rose petals, feverfew, and mugwort. The comfrey was seriously getting out of hand and so it looks like I will be making some more periwinkle balm soon. I made another batch of hemorrhoid ointment for a coworker – the life of a hedge witch is just so glamorous.. but she says it works well, and I try never to turn away a friend in need. We all deserve a happy bum, right? I finally got around to chopping up the huge mass of mint and lavender that my favorite introvert gifted me.. all hail the lavender cookies to come. I might even have to make an early batch after having fondled it, it just smells so good.

It’s been a week or so of surprises as well.. Blau sent me some wonderful gemstones to work with and Heron gifted me an awesome bit of mandrake root (as well as some tincture for, um, personal use.. and Heron, thank you again). Sometimes I think we tend to forget the quiet bounty of our life’s friendships when faced with the louder call of daily responsibilities. I am always thankful to have so many such amazing souls cross my path. Soon I will trek back to the ocean and spend some time with Walking Bear.. I think it has been too long.





7 thoughts on “summer’s heat and the attack of the never ending harvest

    1. Hmmm, my bro has eczema from being born with water under his skin, which saved him from going to the middle east during those wars during his lifetime stint in the national guard and army. So u grind down the flowers or leaves or roots n do what? Just give me the whole formula u use please. i have tons of vinca. Right now i am working on (with gloves) deadly nightshade berries steeped in vodka i am about to macerate down then put into smaller bottles. Why such a poison that literally 4 berries would kill a person? Well, not to do harm, but just to do it because i can and to experiment with extracting oils thru alcohol.

      1. i will send you the recipe as soon as I can (i’ll explain why I haven’t been around much too.. not ignoring you sweets.. just something going right now).. blessings!

      2. Okie dokie, no hurry. I love collecting others herbal formularies since i am not much of an herbalist myself and my one source is on vacation and the other in communicato right now though i do have one friend in FLA who has send me many many old formularies. BB

    1. absolutely & absolutely 😉 I haven’t gotten around to gathering the recipe (i.e. figuring out where I laid it) but I will look this weekend.. send me an email and I will get it to you.. we’ve had a bit of busy lately I’m afraid and I’ve been late on mailing pretty much everything, lol.

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