goodbye little one


It was past three in the morning a few weeks ago when the little girl woke me. She was sitting crouched near the left end of the bed, her arms wrapped around her knees. Her hair was wavy and dark, but she felt much like the fiery one.. only softer. The dark hair threw me a little – I really wanted it to be red. I could feel her subtly slipping away. We sat there together for a bit before she actually did. Was this a piece of the fiery one lost, or the hope once discussed? It was of no matter at that point, these thoughts.. she had already faded.

Last night, I woke again past three.. this time with chills. I was so cold that I had to double the comforter to stop the shaking. I had been dreaming that the fiery one and I were lying side by side on a beach. We were holding hands and there were bombs exploding all around us in the distance. We were discussing where to go from there.. that point in time. Later in, we went to seek out her husband. It is no longer clear to me why.


4 thoughts on “goodbye little one

      1. I think you are going or going to go through some challenges. In the long run you will be strong enough and the outcome be beneficial. Just my intuition for what its worth 🙂

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