tranquil fox


I woke up that morning filled with the whispering of spirit and no time.. the fiery one’s advice to get my feet back in the dirt ringing in my thoughts as I went to collect my bit of fox for the trek. I had not felt the urge to work with her before but I had been feeling the call of her calming presence all morning. With the image of the hawk brought by Baba so long ago finally figured and all this emotion filtering through this turn of the wheel urging me forward, I made my way to one of my favorite hiding places.


It was time to talk to the spirits. Logically, I already had a grasp on the outcome but still I was curious at what they would bring to me. I settled down among the cypress, cards in hand with fox by my side, and started the shuffle of threes.. the ancestor, the world tree, the great bear (yep, bears love me); and the seven of stones in the shadows. It was as it should be, but oh, the journey.. quite a showing of big picture cards and lots of things to ponder. I found a little grey feather waiting for me on my way out.


Later in the week, the fiery one and I met for an equinox picnic. I drew out the barriers for the red meal, lit the incense, and called to those who would come. We lit our candles, spoke out words needed, and left an offering in thanks and anticipation of  what this turn of the wheel was to bring. We then settled down into catching up on our lives and our own feast.



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