seriously lacking zen

My legacy – What will it be?
Flowers in spring,
The cuckoo in summer,
And the crimson maples
Of autumn..
 –   Ryokan   (1758-1831), Dewdrops on
a Lotus Leaf

Last weekend, I followed baby bear (aka serial killer gomi, my white cat) out into the overgrown backyard. My plans had fallen through and I thought that it would be the perfect chance to meditate for a bit, as it had been awhile. I was feeling restless. I had loads on the mind.. things where logic should rule and yet still does not. Said things needed serious pondering, and so I settled down in the garden still wild to do so.


I gave it a good try, lotus style, but I just couldn’t seem to settle my thoughts. I realized that I have just not been keeping with my meditations as I should. My favorite introvert had gifted me a set of moqui balls quite some time ago to try out and so I took them in hand.. just having something tactile to focus on did seem to help. I wound up abandoning lotus and decided to lay down on the ground in my usual journey position for more body contact.. this seemed to help as well. In the eventually, I did manage a slight few moments of quiet but mostly my mind just wandered. I really needed to get to this more often. That day, however, the itch of things needing to be done was foremost in my thoughts and so I gave up to tend to the garden.. being it was the only thing I was ready to deal with.


Formed of ironstone, moqui balls are slightly magnetic stones said to have definite male and female energies.. the rougher considered the male and the smoother, the female. Another said way to tell is to hold one cupped between your palms, concentrating on its vibrations. A stone that affects the upper body is said to be female, the lower body said to be male. Also called shaman stones, they are often used in healing to relieve energy blockages, physical discomfort, and also for balancing in meditation. For use in meditation, you hold the female in your left hand and the male in the right.. this is said to aid in grounding and relaxation, as well.


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