neither swift nor subtle.. and common sense is overrated..


Knight of Arrows, Hawk, from The Wildwood Tarot

A quicksilver messenger of fate, the Hawk can help and support you to see through layers of doubt and uncertainty to the problem at the heart of the matter. Be swift and subtle and use your common sense to progress.. A decision that needs to be made.. In the depths of doubt, what do you hold to strongly?

The Hawk, the Seer, and the Great Bear.. these three have been constants in my personal for the past year or so. No matter where they show, I find them always on point and representative of the same – the Seer being my card, the Hawk as an individual in my life, and the Great Bear is often that looming decision.  Along with bear, owl has been very prevalent in my seership lately.. which is not the norm. While bears love me, owl has never been that present for me.. most recently calling me back to the woods. I am trying to pay better attention. Inklings of feather, bone, and the enveloping embrace of the forest have been arriving in quick flickers.. and again the urge to rework the altar as always this time of year. I seem to be more active with the coming of winter.. but more on that later.

I was in search of a bit of owl to put away for such task, finding nothing that felt right, when I picked up my Mary-El deck. It has some of the best imagery but I find it hard to work with. I rarely pick it up but when I do, it always brings me profound personal insight. And no, I am not being dramatic.. much. It was in here that I found it, the image right – the Knight of Swords. And don’t you know, it is the Hawk’s equivalent. Oh Baba, what have you brought me? Lessons, my child.. lessons.. snuck in thought. Later, I will look into the other two as they correspond to this deck but the Hawk has been on my mind overmuch here of late and so I will start with him..


Knight of Swords,  from the Mary-El Tarot

Two snakes of Jachin and Boaz come together in sexual union. The two snakes can be seen etched onto the two swords. The Knight himself in the middle pillar.. He rides the middle pillar and crosses the abyss on Wisdom and Experience, as symbolized by the Owl..

A dark young man.

Anytime you say that something exists in the sky, in the heavens; it really exists inside, in your heart and self, in the spiritual unseen universe of energy. The mouth of the Lion and Man are the doorway in and out of the abyss, where the universe is created and where we feed ourselves with food, water and the breath of life. Out of it comes the creative word and Logos.

Search or quest for knowledge, mundane or mystical, search for truth.

(reverse) Delay or difficulty in quest for knowledge and truth.



5 thoughts on “neither swift nor subtle.. and common sense is overrated..

  1. Zoomanity

    Specks of cherry blossoms remain, six months after, crunched
    to microscopic, yet able to detect the soft November feet of
    knee-booted beauties. Washington’s engorged monument is
    Korean, six inches, but proud, laying-in to boot-skirt on the mall.
    Blushing blossoms accept the thumping as better than souls,
    more aesthetic than the spiked dens that welcome the kinky
    Dupont Circle crowd, you know, congressmen on the town with
    their page boys. We’re now “all -in,” bushwhacked into this
    winner-take-all culture with few winners, proud sinners, all-meat
    dinners. Unshaved Hispanics growl when the dealer hits two
    black jacks in a row. Cactus stand, not waving in the wind that
    tumbles weeds over mountains, that then ignite to torch homes
    of the “richies” who once had it made. Malibu, New Orleans,
    Florida in general: is there a pattern here? Gaia, perhaps our
    only god, has good aim, giving the haves ample opportunity to
    atone: few do. Perpetual human error peaks again now, as
    Christians preach morality, their U.S. leader tortures, slaughters,
    greedily spilling blood for oil, trading tomorrow for carbon-filled
    today, while children and nincompoops watch, jaws agape, because
    they didn’t see it coming. By nineteen-eighty-three it was evident,
    but still, twenty years into the fall, the one-two combo of religious
    propaganda and twisted “news” helped smooth over electoral fraud
    in time to put the slow crank on World War Three. Skip forward
    to November, back-peddle to the leaf pile, where larger color
    combinations lure Alexis and her playmate into unbridled bare-
    backed adventures. Cool air slows his sweat, but not before a drop
    jumps his nose. She thrusts to lick it out of the air, which is just
    the angle adjustment he needs to finish the act. Show this to the
    wonks, well-walled on cubicle row sixty-seven, and BASHA! your
    job is over. It’s that easy to escape the grind, but near impossible
    to be your own cowboy and feed the kids. This is when corporate
    can be your friend: just throw out all convictions, trade values
    for value-added do-dads that increase profits and productivity
    simultaneously and do not stress the details. No one minds if you
    are loading atomic weapons, making attack ads, fucking your
    “niece,” as long as the leaves rustle gently, lips quiver repeatedly,
    and voyeur neighbors get a hot glance, on an Indian Summers’ eve.

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