all the little ones


Something was moving under the water in a long serpentine rope and I heard the birds chattering all around. Across the creek the woods had sharpened, the trees appearing starkly white like bone. I saw a skunk sitting on the bank, there and not there. To the right squirrels were moving down the many tree trunks almost in unison. Three blackened trees stood side by side in a line, standing out from all the others. I sat watching the bank for a bit, putting my head down on my knees after a time. I heard a bird cackle over my left shoulder, very close and then it was gone. I could feel shadows moving around me in the distance and I looked to the water once again.. tucked into one tree’s exposed roots appeared a giant crow’s head. It stared intently at me for the longest time before I became distracted once again and all things bled back to normal.

Late one night, not long after I’d seen some of my girls (which I needed), I heard the owls calling. Seeing the girls reminded me that I was sliding off track, and the owls that it was time to get back to it.. a plan slowly started forming. I decided to venture out to the place where I had once gotten lost and found an owl feather. The where was really not so important, just that it was a place of being turned around and just where I felt I needed to be. The day of, I headed out to my chosen through the sea of mournful cypress only to veer off onto a left hand path.. not the place of my intention. I found the bank a good ways down the path just over a fallen tree. Once I settled, I found on the unpack of my go bag that I had forgotten many things. I started back several times but something kept stopping me. WB made mention that it was a lesson – all that was needed was inside me.

I had with me the Ave’s ointment, Nelia, and my hawk feather.. I did have the incense and candle but no fire to light with. It was very cold and I could not seem to settle into my journey position. I wound up sitting on the bank with my arms wrapped around my knees. I was seeking guidance on hawk and found nothing to do with hawk, except at one point I did tuck the muddy feather behind my ear with the thought of “safe for now”. That in reference to the hawk, it is as it is.. I was brought here for another reason. It was one of those everything’s going wrong kind of days but even so, it was one of the most successful workings that I’ve had in some time.


Of Sarah’s Aves Ointment:

Normally, I would test out a new ointment before a working, just as a precaution. Often, I will take a watcher with me if I am going to journey in unfamiliar territory.. safety and all that. This time, I did neither of these things. I wasn’t overly worried, having let my usual watcher know my whereabouts just in case (and when I was out) and I’ve used Sarah’s ointments often.. they have never done me wrong in the past. I was more worried about being able to concentrate in the cold as I am not a fan. I started with a smaller ointment application than I would normally (maybe two small peas).. being that wormwood loves me and belladonna is always a strong presence for me. I have also been more of a light weight with substances here lately.. I don’t know what is up with that. It took effect in approximately fifteen or so minutes. Everything around me just sharpened and after around thirty, I no longer felt the cold. I applied just a bit more, maybe a small fingerful and started my working.

I could still feel it, though a bit more muted, about forty-five minutes or so later when I was done. I am not sure if I’d call the working a journey, at least not in the sense of how I usually experience things. It was more that I was seeing in layers.. what was actually there, what was there but not there, and that which was playing out in my mind’s eye. It was a great and different way from the usual. The ointment eased away all the niggling thoughts in the here and just sharpened all that was around me. I will note that things seemed visually clearer in the distance more so than in the closer. There was just a feeling of “more” that I don’t know how to explain. After, I got up and went for a walk through the woods, everything was very vibrant and I saw many pathways off the trail. I stayed on path. The effects lasted, including the taper, for at least an hour and a half. I am not sure if this one worked particularly well that day due to the bird association and timing, but it is right up there with the mandrake ointment as my favorites.. I may have to pick up some more as I have only a sample that was gifted me.




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