..and on to the seer


The Seer, from The Wildwood Tarot

The Seer is at the hub of the Wheel in the quarter related to Water and the emotions and linked to the mysteries of the Moon and the Earth. She is partnered with the Shaman and acts as a guide to the World Tree.

The Seer is wrapped in the owl’s cloak of wisdom, decorated with totem animals of power and shamanic spirits. She stands before the World Tree, drawing wisdom from the roots that are deeply embedded in the earth. Close around her are the symbols of the four elements that she meditates: the cup, staff, arrowhead and stone. From the head of her staff hang the crane bag and a set of runes. She may be masked and her face may only be glimpsed or seen in half-light. Her voice may be hushed and she may speak in riddles, but if you listen, she can point you to new, wiser beginnings.. With her inherent ability to balance emotion, intellect and willpower, she spurs us to create change in our material world and is a skilled mediator of all the elemental forces found within the Wildwood..

..inspiration and wisdom, oracular prophecy, inner vision, shamanic flight, soul healing, empathy with nature..

**I really like how the Seer in the Wildwood deck points out that she draws her wisdom from the tree’s roots.. maybe it comes up feeling very me because of my love of the trees..

Having found the Hawk’s equivalent, I decided to take a look at the Seer card’s – the High Priestess. This card (the Seer) always represents me when it shows, or at least it has in the past few years.. before that it was the Empress. Apparently I’ve left earth mother to venture into the darkness.. that void of what is to be seen and what cannot or is clouded. I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing.. or more likely that it is what it is. I have been exploring much of my darkness since the first appearance of the man of shadow, so maybe it is just as it should be.


II The High Priestess, from the Mary-El Tarot

I am all that has been, and is, and shall be, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered.. The name Lilith comes from Lilitu, the Sumerian storm demons. Lil means “night”, “moon”, or “wind”.. (she) left the Garden of Eden where she gave birth to demons, killed infants, and tempted men. She is the serpent in the Garden of Eden. She is knowledge, temptation, darkness. She is the dark mother and dark goddess, chaos, destruction, death.. We have a darkness within us, places that we can’t easily see. It is our subconscious and our unconscious, places that are not illuminated by the Sun. If consciousness was an ocean, waking consciousness would be a small island on the surface. Subconscious would be all of that below and there is no end to it, it is a bottomless abyss. This is the abode of the High Priestess, and being dark, it is fearful to some people.. the subconscious, the ocean, and the roots of the World Tree.

.. mysteries, secrets, internal knowledge, look within.. what is hidden, secret..


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