elemental nesting and fire


One Saturday I woke up from a very heated dream of a man wearing a horned mask.. a living wall of flame surrounding us in its warmth as the shadows watched us from a distance. Hello there, fire, nice to see you again. I picked up the carnelian (now more or less my constant companion) and made my way down to coffee. In passing by the “bar”, I set the stone down on it and realized that the elements have been creeping up on me with more frequency. I have been making little elemental altars? shrines? about the house.. depositing bits here and there somewhat randomly. At least that was my thought, until I actually looked. The jumbled collections seemed to be definitely leaning in said direction. There was fire on the bar, water on the kitchen cart, air on the bookshelf.. but no earth. Where was earth?? No matter, I decided, it will come.


I spent the day pilfering about and better defining the areas. On each I put a candle to light at some point in future. I then moved on to my workroom where my altar seems to be shaping up very airy. Apparently I have hit a period of nesting. I feel an overwhelming need to arrange and clear out. I feel a need to put things to bed, I guess.. better filter through the chaos. It makes somewhat sense with all that is swirling about in my life of late. I feel a shift in my spiritual coming on. Maybe I will get to that more structured practice yet, who knows.. but everything felt much the better once I was done.. except for this niggling of missing earth.


“The hare runs into the fire”.. yes, the hare certainly did and doesn’t regret it a bit because it brought something beautiful. Fire is the element of passions.. of love and transformation. It is also one of destruction, purification, creativity, and strength. It is associated with the energy of life. I know this all so well, having been burned by it myself a bit this year. Fire is often used to deliver offerings. We blow smoke on our fetiches. We burn incense to call those needed. We pass through the sage to purify. We sit by the flames to connect. Fire consumes other elements in order to take form. I didn’t clear off much from the bar.. my Klimt tarot and the carnelian are still there.. as are my jug, the liquor (of course), and the cicada skin. I did add a cord of the fiery one that wandered off my altar, dried floral gifted from the mistress of the box, and the candle nestled in a few fiery stones.


5 thoughts on “elemental nesting and fire

  1. Maybe the missing earth is your carnelian? Nice post and pics dear. I too am going through many changes, most of which i do not write about and i only talk about them with one person far away. They say in winter the elementals are at rest, but for me there are spirits and elementals all around right now….. Bright Blessings of all the elements to you.

      1. I am following yr lead and going to carry my carnelian around as fire in earth, that stone in my pocket to carry me thru winter and all the other crap i am going thru. Blessings sweet ocean Princess Oshun and river Princess Yemaya.

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