..and finally, the great bear


The Great Bear, from The Wildwood Tarot

Between two yew trees lies an ancient burial mound of the kind known as passage grave. Upon this a polar bear crouches, keeping watch. The initiate has been laid to rest, covered by earth and stone, and now waits to be reborn, guarded by the shamanic sentinel of the mound. the traditional religious and political concepts of right and wrong, guilt and innocence, have no place here, for the judgement that takes place during the time of rebirth is both inward and mystical, and yet outward and universal, reaching far beyond the narrow confines of human civilization and conventions. The constellation of the Great Bear stands out in the sky, indicating the entrance to the otherworld to which the seeker proceeds.. The only thing in life that is assured is that, if you wait long enough, it will change. How you survive that change and who you are after it is up to you.

And finally, I have come to the Great Bear, who has been around the longest of the three. I get a lot of bear.. usually this card of late but often in the past it was the guardian. I also get bear in other parts of life.. as I have said (often), bears just love me. This one moves around a bit in my readings but over the recent has been all about decision and consequences.. it really should be ostrich (that’s a little personal joke for WB.. just pass it by). Then, I read the equivalent card.. division and resurrection.. redemption and more birds. The card of the phoenix, among other.. I really wish I had room for the entire description. The deck’s accompanying descriptions to the cards and of course the artwork (as stated in previous) are just amazing.


XX Judgment, from the Mary-El tarot

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”

~William Blake

Beneath the Tree of Knowledge of Life and Death in the garden of paradise, the first rose bush grew. And from the first rose a bird was born; his plumage exultant, his song enchanting, and his flight powerful.. I have often wondered what would be the religion of birds, they who build the beautiful and intricate nests, surely the desire and knowledge of nest building comes up through their consciousness not only as their art but if it were religion would it be great golden castles? Would they be great architects?

And us, we build with words, in our religions the universe was created with words, words define and shape, draw meaning and order from the black chaos. Words are our genesis and they are our destiny.. Scales fall from your eyes. Resurrection, rebirth. Beyond division, soul mates merge. Innocence and Experience become one.. There is ALWAYS an opportunity for redemption.

(reversed) bad judgement, over cautiousness, cowardice, clouded vision

Final decision in respect of the past, now current in respect of the future

**on reading the draft of this, just before posting, I realized that I gave this very same card (phoenix) to a friend over yule.. a thing that is sort of a tradition of mine. I gave it to her because of her words, her wise words that often make me see things in a different light and although it really has no bearing on this post particularly.. I still find the coincidence interesting.


3 thoughts on “..and finally, the great bear

  1. The Great Bear is the reason I recently bought The Wildwood Tarot! I was doing research for a story I was writing, and found the image and description of the card on line. Powerful stuff! I’m just beginning my work with this deck but find it speaks to me more clearly than most decks I’ve worked with.

    Always enjoy your posts on your readings! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

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