the finfolken cord


Above my altar hangs a limb from my favorite graveyard tree. I believe I have mentioned her many vines and low hanging limbs were somewhat recently all removed.. a painful thing to see. As of my last visit, it was still so. I find it very sad but she is still beautiful to me. Before that terrible injustice was wrought (no, I’m not bitter), my friend Cin helped me to fetch said branch.. she was almost always my partner in crime those days and she always still has my back. It is a good friend who will wander the streets downtown with some crazy bitch carrying a huge branch and not blink an eye. I still go by on occasion and spend time with that particular tree even though our time is done and I still keep that branch in place.. I am not sure why but I have never even once considered removing it.

My finfolken cord once rested entwined in that branch.. a perfect earth-water representation. Cords are used for many things.. the binding of things, the weaving of intentions, handfastings, fetiche use, worn as a talisman, and such as in my case – as an altar piece. They really are quite useful tools. Occasionally I will use it directly on altar if I am working with such things sea related.. watery things that dwell far beyond ones normal sight. Mostly, it has been a reminder of where I started and where I am now.. water moving into earth, always torn. The others may touch upon me but these two remain my call.


I have dabbled off and on in the past few years since getting it from Briar Rose (one of my favorite places to dabble in somethings shiny) making my own. At one time the fiery one and I were working on some for an online presence but we never did get that off the ground.. a project I intend to revisit if I find the time. I’ve made many for friends as gifts to work with and I like the idea of them as talismans or fetiches. I have ideas of sewing in natural materials, feather, bone or whatever calls to the work. The two shown are ones that never found their home.

The larger speaks to me of stormy seas with abalone and pearl.. dreary, dark and full of deep mysteries. The small altar piece is sewn with Alder cones. Alder, said to stand between the living and the dead, makes a great protective piece when dealing with those beyond. I am currently working on a magpie one, full of sewn in shiny glass beads and pieced together with a claw at its tail. Rolling around in my creative is the idea of a Morrigan one of deep blues and crow feather. I might make that etsy store yet one of these days but for now I am content to just braid and knot.


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