many moons

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The element of emotions, instinct, and being of the heart.. this is the element of water. A somewhat great many moons ago, when I first stepped onto my path, this was the element that sung. I think maybe that is why scrying and reflective surfaces work so well for me.. maybe even seership in general. I’ve always loved wandering out to a still body of water, peering into its shiny to see what was to be seen.. once a part of my regular practice. These days, I will still seek the ocean when I need cleansing or healing. Even moving into earth, I still find the sea’s call quite impossible to ignore and I visit as often as I can. My favorite spot to hide in the wood has water moving through it.. water will always be prevalent for me, I believe.

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Often my magpie tendencies find me picking up anything water related.. the latest piece from our local shop was a beautiful mermaid dish. It rests on the water shrine beneath a handful of beach combed feathers and a medallion gifted to me from my fellow hedger. There is a dish of many shells collected and a photo of the wild horses from Walking Bear. This one is full of the memories of that stormy day when I swam in the ocean and heard my friend sing a song for spirit as we made our way amongst the dunes. I hope to get back there soon, but my shrine holds me to what always will be.

A night of december so dark and cold,

I walked a path ages old

The moon amongst the clouds revealed

lightning valleys, forest and field

Embraced by silence I wandered the moor

an endless landscape by my side

when in the mist I saw a light

dancing through the hazy night

I stood and watched the play in awe

was deeply touched by what I saw

I told my friends what I did see

and what they told did tremble me!

It’s said the ghost of a young, fair maid

is cursed to dwell beneath the shade

of the olden oak she died below

O that was many moons ago!

–Empyrium, Many Moons Ago


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