where earth came to rest


That Saturday morning I woke up with the itch (quicker than anticipated) and went back into the workroom. I had in mind to start with my finfolken cord per usual but it just didn’t feel right. The stag’s head had been calling to me since my rise but I couldn’t get it out of my head that I wasn’t ready to work with it yet. I placed the deer skin and then the rabbit. I sat for quite a bit of time but still the stag called. I finally got up and moved it from its resting place onto the altar. It was the first major piece.. then came bear. I have full intentions of blooding and working with her, “her” because she feels very feminine to me. The hare’s mask was to follow and become my jar.. bits of root and herb, parts of spider, and a dragonfly wing were added. It will need blooding as well but the bag must be worked on first. Then I placed my owl wing fan. Finally came the rest of rabbit, the other of my two, and at last.. old lady crow. It seems I’ve found Earth.


Last night, I did the blooding and worked with the callings. It took a very long time and was a very personal experience so I decided not to post too much detail about it all just yet (if even I do). I will say that I wound up chanting for a very long time.. so much time it took that I forgot about the day-to-day things and was very late in my chores.. there were just so many around me this time and I am curious to see where it all leads. I am still in the moving forward but wanting to look back stage and I did feel like the stag was pulling me, calling me to follow. I am very curious on this one, Walking Bear said to me that he felt this one was important and I believe it to be so. I have intentions to work on my bag this weekend as said chores called me away from it last night. This altar, though, felt like coming home.



6 thoughts on “where earth came to rest

  1. Your altar looks like mine over at the cabin aka “the red lodge” where i painted the concrete floor and many other things red. I have an altar to the AmerIndian spirits who come down from the mountain and the bones of mostly road kill or natural death animals whose spirits i work with. What do you mean by “blooding”? I am Soooo far behind on reading blog posts like yours and had them in a folder on the pc then deleted it by mistake so my apologies for not commenting on previous posts. Blessings.

    1. Hey Blau my love!! No worries, I know you’ve a lot going on. I love the idea of the floors being red. I use my blood to forge a connection, a part of my personal.. Like when you add an item personal to you to a jar or wrap a hair around a plant.. As an offering of “service” or more forging an agreement to work together or to guider he spirit there. I usually do this after calling if I feel the response was positive and we will be having a working relationship.. I will then rub a small bit if blood in thanks and bonding, if that makes sense? I know many shy at working with blood and of course other things or even just an offering can be used but for me it works really well.

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