cleansing winds



Earlier in my day of sojourn, I laid to rest my bundle at the graveyard. Walking Bear and I had to sneak in and therefore had the place all to ourselves for a bit. I tried to be quick, speaking briefly at my grave and collecting some dirt for later use before rejoining him. We had many good talks but foremost in my mind was sitting beside him that day under the grave trees. He told me of the prayer flag that he had left there for me during my dad’s time. It touched my heart. I can only hope that I bring to him a fraction of what he brings into my life. He is a good friend.. strong in spirit and kind.

Several cards were brought to me there, although I was really only trying to pull one.. instruction, healing, ecstasy, and the Knight of Vessels – eel in shadow. When I saw this last one, I had the thought “hard swim”. It was a card that I had never pulled before. In the wildwood deck it states “..the eel is a great purveyor of wisdom and has a reputation as a protector.. the eel swims through water where weed and cresses drift.. embarking on a quest of personal revelation, your vision leads you onward.. a coming together, seduction, conquest, compliance..” Past that we visited the place of the breathing trees, a new adventure for me and then went on to do some beachcombing. Walking Bear asked if I wanted to stick my feet in the water and I told him no. I would have wanted to jump in and besides, the wind from our walkabout earlier had already provided my cleansing.

**This is a belated posting, as I have been busy with life and catching up with what of my girls that I can. The equinox was spent with my lovely fellow hedger and chocolate bunnies, but more on that later.. and I promise some gratuitous cute baby animal shots..


3 thoughts on “cleansing winds

  1. Love the old graveyards with their old old trees and markers, have collected dirt from under the graves where the groundhogs have their holes and push stuff up out of their deep tunnels with at least two entrances/exits, including coffin nails and bone. Love that Wildwood Tarot and it is on my wish list way up there, just need the money. BTW a local witch goth store owner whom i have become close too, and her mum who also runs the store, want a Tarot reader and i volunteered to so 15-30 minute readings by appointment blocks and all under the table so to speak so that is great for me. Blessings to you my NC mermaid earth digger crystal clutcher tree hugger lol. Lee/Shawnus

    1. That’s awesome and a great way to pick up a little extra doing something enjoyable. I love that old graveyard.. Well all old graveyards. Blessings to you my love and your future ventures 🙂

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