for the love of chocolate bunnies


It was a new moon (in Pisces, no less, or so I read), and the equinox, and there was this eclipse thingy.. I really felt like I should be doing something big. I wasn’t. I don’t think I really ever do anything “big” anymore.. oh, I did lay a curse.. but that was more a big release than a big observance. I don’t really think that counts and that was before the equinox anyways. I had another small personal working planned but mostly I just chilled and enjoyed the season. I mostly plan my life at this time around gardening and chocolate bunnies. I really just want to get my hands in the dirt.

My fellow hedger and I spent that Saturday lunching in the garden, talking this and that. It was all very fun and relaxing. She helped me figure where to put the inevitable extra plants that I brought home.. you know, those that just have to come back with you even though they are not on the master plan. She made mention somewhere on how she has grown to feel much closer to the natural rhythms.. yes, exactly. I feel spring when it first starts to warm and see the little pushing up of green. My periwinkle is usually the first thing to bloom and this year my teeny hawthorn stick sent some leaves out. I mostly spend these many days covered in garden dirt wrestling with my many new plantlings.


The next day found me making my way to the farm to squeeze all the new little ones.. goats, chicks, and bunnies. Every year I try to run off with one or ten but am sadly given a reminder that our neighborhood has a pet limit.. le sigh. Still, I was able to play with them all day and check out all the upcoming projects.. it’s a busy, busy time there. I also had to argue for a raccoon’s pardon,  here’s hoping I won.

That night I had the dream.. of my friend, of many lefts and of an infinite road. Our feet were stuck in the mud and she had no notice. There was something on her mind. We did manage dinner later in the week, a nice reprise from the day to day and we were finally able to get that wine. What were her thoughts? Well, I don’t remember if I asked, and anyhoos.. her thoughts are her own. My job was to deliver the message. Besides, we had much more fun discussing life and it’s a rare treat that life gives us the time to spend together.



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