creative necessity


imageDuring one particularly intense working a month or so ago, some oil escaped its confines and left a horrifying mar on my buckskin. Now, I realize as a working witch that these things are bound to happen, but it still hurt my feelings. I finally had to make peace and chalk it up to part of the payment.. sacrifices must me made.

Still, that did not stop me from trying every googley trick.. a valiant but useless effort. I only succeeded in making it look more like an oily eyeball shaped distraction.. but the idea of the eye stayed with me. I finally decided to make the best (after sulking over a cup of tea) and take my fellow hedger up on her offer to use her pigments. Even after the forever long it took me to comb through inspiration and decide, it was still a nerve wracking task.

She had made this offer before, when I was using the skin for my wild reading pieces, but I declined wanting to leave it plain. I was glad she still had some extra. I knew I wanted the eye red.. blooded (I really liked the way Kayla did hers and I worked the red in like she did hers, she loves me though so I don’t think she’ll sugar my gas tank anytime soon).. a seer’s eye because that’s what I am. I wanted a triple moon, a stang, roots, and a spiral because all held something personal to me.

It took quite a bit of time to put it all together but then I came across this sigil of a fish, and inspiration struck. I liked the idea of the spiral fish (I just wanted it set a bit different), connecting my water element. I sketched in the roots at the bottom for earth and the underworld. Roots, I’ve mentioned, are very important in my practice and I also added in the keys to open all sorts of things.


7 thoughts on “creative necessity

  1. Allowing something to become what it is meant to be is the most simple, at times also the hardest, and typically among the highest forms of magic to be found in our universe. Doing so requires us to overcome our own ego and surrender thoughts of what we might wish something to be, to what Nature intends.

  2. Boy do I know these frustrations… but I also have to agree that the final result looks great. And the effort put into it all only makes the circumstance of it all that much more special. A happy accident, it seems

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