of practical things


Once I finally managed the altar into place (what seems now an eon ago), I started putting the workroom back together. I am sure I have mentioned how lucky I am to have my own space that opens to the tiny back garden.. kind of my own itty bitty witchtopian woman cave (yes, I just made up a word). It is usually strewn with dirt, plant matter, and all sorts of other working materials.. rarely is it in order or clean for that matter. I am a messy little dirt worshipper after all. I spent a couple of days getting it clean and organized (mostly) and so now it feels all Zen.  I moved in my garden books and field guides. I cleared out the awesome old cauldron Walking Bear gifted me with the intention of housing my most usefuls in it. I arranged the bench beside my meditation seat (seriously an old shipping pallet with a comforter folded on.. super fancy ) to serve as an extension of sorts to the altar so I would have some more immediate space. It is still crammed full of bits and bobbles, don’t get me wrong.. I fear I shall never be that organized person I so want to be. However, it is at least a more workable space at the moment. Now, if I can only keep the cats from rearranging..


13 thoughts on “of practical things

      1. yeah. i love the light in this space. it seems filled with love and relics of love and nature. such a fantastic space to write, love and just… well… exist in. beautiful! x

  1. Cats don’t redecorate – you’re seeing it all wrong! Cats, after much arduous pla – I mean, work – finally give our world the feline touch it so clearly needs and then, for no logical reason, we come along and undo everything they’ve done (usually interrupting a much deserved nap in the process). That cats are willing to endure this insult to their creativity, and try – day after day and with great patience – to get us to see the wisdom of their sense for interior design can be attributed to their great love for us, the food we always provide for them, and for our highly evolved, cat-comforting fingers 😉 My cats remind me of this daily. Sometimes hourly.

    You have a great-looking space … what I like about it is that while it’s colorful and has no predictable or consistent pattern to it, it’s not chaotic. That’s a good reflection of Nature, and it’s not always an easy balance to strike!

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