The Scar

so sad..

A Witch's Eye

This last trip we took to Highland County, Virginia was tinged with sadness. It seemed whenever we turned our heads we looked upon destruction.FullSizeRender (42) BWThis is my beloved mountain land. Once a thick, lush forest stood here not but a year ago. It is now a gaping, bloody scar thanks to human fear and greed. The worse part, it isn’t finished. Before the year passes more trees will be cut, more beautiful wilderness will be completely demolished. And for what? Money. Of course.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t all.

Trees were being cut down in other places as well for absurd reasons; either they were considered an inconvenience because the thorns from the hawthorn trees get stuck in tractor tires, or (my personal favorite) the trees were in the way of someone’s view of the valley and meadows from their house. Are you kidding me? I don’t understand people who cut down beautiful trees and forests that were…

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