ancestral revisit


I had been seeing spiders.. spiders that were there and not there. The night before Walking Bear contacted me, I was woken up by the man of shadow. My first thought was, why is he here? I didn’t even think to be startled. He just turned his darkness sideways and I felt his amusement (or something of the like). Oh yeah, that’s right.. I had a few more things to settle up.

Walking Bear contacted that next morning. I had been worried about his silence but I also knew he had a lot coming up. He said he could feel my disconnect and I told him how I was trying to settle into the new routine. Truth be told, I had become a bit complacent in certain areas due to all this mundane change. I didn’t tell him about the shadow man’s visit.. mostly because I knew he had much on his plate.

I started that weekend off wrestling the garden.. it was in quite a state. It is forever a reflection. I moved the gargantu-bay back to his old spot. He had been protesting the last move, dropping quite a few of his leaves. The wisteria was wildly awry.. throwing tendrils out in every direction. I left her be with only a slight trim. I enjoy her angst. I harvested the mint, wild lettuce, and Melissa.. then I sat down to contemplate the morning’s text that I had received from my Julia.

She had sent a picture of dad’s gravestone that had just arrived. It was bittersweet but he had been on my mind this month with father’s day approaching. I thought of a post of Heron’s from a bit back and how it had reminded me that I needed to add something for him on my ancestral altar. I had just not been quite the ready at that time. I also had not been keeping up with any of them as I should. The entire thing seemed overwhelming. Now it was time. The dark moon was soon here and so with the pending release of the last of my remnants, I added the wake poem.


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