the witch’s tree


..a forest cord for a witchling friend.. a cord of in between places and the quiet speaking of the wood.. Alder cones, tiger’s eye, and fox bones..

It is said that the Alder King stands at the gate between the living and the dead. He is the one who guards and the one who appeases. He is the one who holds the gate.. if the gate is not opened, one cannot cross.. in or out. The Alder is a tree of transformation.. of hidden knowledge and a protective wood when used in dealing with those beyond.

I made this cord with the idea of duality and those in between places.. to journey, to dream, to walk with the spirits be they animal, plant, or other; to work with deity. To be a working witch, as I see it, one must enter these places at some point or fashion.

Tiger’s eye is often used for it’s monetary association. I chose it for it’s other qualities – inner calm, stability, and the strengthening of spirit. It is also protective. I wove the colors of the forest for it’s powerful quiet.. just the hushed whispering a of the land spirits and the roots of the trees anchored in the earth.

I don’t work with fox often, she is not one of mine. I have carried her with me when I needed calm. I have walked with her when I needed to see beyond my emotion.. being of logic, I find that not to be very often. I did recently use one of her leg bones throw a curse.. a curse to ride on her silent swiftness.

I tied in fox bone and claw so it could double as a fetiche.. cunning and swift. Fox is a great problem solver but she is also a trickster, so walk with her carefully.. keep your wits about you. She may lead you astray but in this she may very well do so to bring you a lesson. She holds the dark in her nature, shape shifting and stealthy. It is these abilities she has to lend to help you navigate.. have patience and persistence, she will reward you.

Fox lives in the border places.. waking conscious and deep sleep. It is in her solitude that you will learn what she has set out to bring to you. Open your eyes.. see things in a different light but don’t become too invisible.. you must pay attention to her subtleties..



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