time to ramble on



Ramble On was playing when I got in the car that afternoon.. I had just received the news of Blau’s passing. I thought to myself, how perfect and smiled a bit even though my heart hurt. We had met through the blog and had been speaking off and on for quite some time.. postings, emails, the occasional phone call. He was one of my closest spiritual confidantes.. Always managing to see things through different eyes. It had been a bit since our last conversation and I much regret that now. I went home, took the stones he had last sent me along with a crow feather, and I put them in my workroom. Then I lit a candle to honor his journey.. he will be missed.



4 thoughts on “time to ramble on

  1. I am sorry for your loss; but happy that you had the experience of someone you could enjoy, regardless how brief it may have been. I wish your friend well on the next part of his journey, as I wish you well on this part of yours.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am always thankful when people come into my life in unexpected ways and become so important.. Even if they are just passing through..

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