two questions, defining the tribe, and a bit about masturbation


.. yeah, that got your attention and yes, my thoughts are all over the table this morning.. so let me start with defining the tribe..

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve talked with someone on the down deeps of their path and even though it wasn’t exactly your cuppa, you knew that person had a wise grasp of their spiritual. Even evolving, as paths often are, they owned their shit (as previously touched on) and better yet – you were able to learn and grow just by having those conversations.  You take things away that make you think, evaluate, and sometimes even shape aspects of your own path. It is a great thing. I feel this way evey time I talk to people like my friend Heron who I visited a bit with yesterday at the shop. I feel this way when I talk to my friend Walking Bear who though walks a separate path, we are nonetheless hand in hand. I feel this way when I talk to my friend Cin, who walks in nature to her own path and helps me often decipher the shady bits that lie in my dreams. I feel this way when I talk to my friend Kayla, who walks a path similar, but still manages to bring me things that further my path. They keep me in movement and often from hutting up in myself, especially when that is often what I want to do. These are the people that I consider my tribe.

Kayla and I had a big discussion on tribe (and foxes, and perceptions, and blue jays, and death.. but that’s neither here nor there) and what it means.. or at least to us. I believe we decided on those who we could meet with, bounce ideas around, discuss the ins and outs, successes and failings.. all those things we encounter while on our path. These are not necessarily the people who you hold obligation to, per se, or even those from whom you are seeking instruction. These are not even those who you specifically practice with or share a path. No, these would be the people to which you hold no expectations of or to.. those that you can speak frankly and openly about said spiritual without the worry of perceptions or mistakes or any of those embarrassing things you may not be able to express to others. These are the people with which you hold the honest discussions.. no judgement that is not openly evaluated.. and those you learn and grow with. So these people are my tribe, I decided, I learn so much just by these occasional discussions and they bring me movement..

..which brings me to masturbation and the first question I have been pondering..

Masturbation – that act of pleasuring oneself for the purpose of.. well.. pleasuring oneself. I am not knocking it at all, mind you.. I engage in it often and it keeps me sane. It makes us feel good. It puts a spring in our step. However, it is what it is – the act of focusing completely on self satisfaction. Where am I going with this? Well, on the flip side of tribe and learning from the person knowledgeable in their path is the person who is so wrapped up in the show that they just don’t communicate effectively anything (too hopped up on their own boffo).. my friend used this term (public masturbation) recently about an experience she had and I’ve been pondering it ever since. Now, I feel sure she might write on it much better than I possibly ever could so I will leave it at that, BUT it brought about the further discussion.. why do you practice your chosen path? What does it bring to you? This she brought about and such we discussed. How many of us truly get asked this? Often I get asked what my path is and even how I gained knowledge.. but rarely the why (although once upon a time I did explore meaning). Even more important, how many know the answer? You should, otherwise I think the path is an empty one.. pretty to look at, sure, but where is it in your very being? I think we should be asked that more often.

..which brings me to.. knowledge of worth, a much harder question..

Flitting around my many conversations post Boffo (its uses and misuses) and such, naturally there seemed to be concerns over how one is viewed.. my answer was simply “who fucking cares?”.. later, another wondered their writings might cause some strife (polite for piss some folks off).. my answer was “so what?”. Now, we all worry about such things and I tend to think if we are genuine and authentic in our craft.. well.. you get where I’m going.. and sometimes I am just a bit blunt. Appearances, appearances.. along with the subject of death (more on that later), they do seem to keep popping up in my little realm. I wonder if the worry of how we appear to others directly affects how we value our worth.

I recently purchased a beautiful evil eye charm from Kayla (who has been much more productive in the store setting up area than I have been but I sworny it is in the works.. I just have other stuff crowding my spiritual plate at the mo’) and commissioned the lovely Heron to do henna on my rabbit pelt (she does gorgeous work, I will post a pic when complete and also a strange incident that passed through thought at the time I dropped it off). In both instances the artists seemed reluctant to pin down a price. Kayla remarked that she felt odd selling it to me as we were friends.. does this diminish their art and hard work?? I don’t think so. Just because we know each other doesn’t change what of yourself you’ve put into a piece.

This brought about my worth pondering.. why do we undervalue our worth? Beyond the art but even as a whole? Sure, I’m no longer speaking of charms and such but they did bring forth the idea. Do we know our worth? The importance of the ripples we put out there? Maybe we should pay better attention.. and be able to back it up. Own our shit.. which oddly does tie into the entire masturbation show and the more important meaning of path. It matters not so much how we are perceived if we are in fact doing the work. It matters that we are being true to ourselves and why we are on the path we are.. otherwise, again, what is the point?


10 thoughts on “two questions, defining the tribe, and a bit about masturbation

  1. I thought this was a really good piece of writing – woven together with some very interesting topics and points, frank, and to the point. I reach your same conclusion via a different perspective; but your end conclusion is something I can only emphatically second.

    Path, I think, is relevant to the person on it. We are all on our own paths, sometimes intertwining and joining, at other times simply seeming to branch off to where no one has gone before (what I sometimes call a ‘Soul Trek’). I’m not too certain I could say any among us ‘owns’ our paths more than any other. To say we are on our path requires one of two things: intimate knowledge of our destination; or faith that we will eventually arrive at it by continuing to place one foot before the other. I fall into the category of the latter. That is what my path through the storm has given me: faith in myself, and faith in my path. Peace amid the storm. When I work with members of my own tribe (whom I define differently, as those who have immediate need of me), to help them along their paths, my first step is usually to try to help them strengthen their faith in themselves. Those who, as you point out, are too caught up in their own ‘boffo’ (which I do not understand the meaning of, but still think it’s a funny word) to see what is going on around them … I find it regrettable, but they are experiencing a part of their path that they need to, as are the people in their surroundings who are equally blinded. When they can be helped, then this is part of their path, as well. When not, then not.

    I also do work for friends, loved ones, or simply people whom I feel like might need my help more than I need their money, without charging a penny. I do not undervalue what I do, quite the opposite: I value it enough that I think it is an appropriate gift to someone I value even more than the work I am capable of doing. A sacrifice, if you will, to something or someone other than a god.

    Being true to ourselves, and being true to why we are on our paths is, as far as I think we are both concerned, the point. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that since our selves and our paths are invariably different from one another, even our means of remaining true to our paths will also be different.

    1. Very, very good points.. When I spoke of worth.. I was not necessarily meaning to assign a monetary value.. Certainly not but that the artists hesitancy to think about value is what brought me to the thought of worth.. And if we take the time to value ourselves (and where we are in our path as a whole) and more broadly that we understand that what we put out there in a more general sense that others take in should be genuine because it has effects. That said, it is a great point about people experiencing being caught up are in that part of their path they need to be.. And again I am thinking..

      1. I think we were on the same page when it came to worth and value – I used money in my response more or less as a typical example (I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the question, “Should we charge money for what we do” come up). What I have also done in the past is, when I am doing something for someone, I will ask them to gather the necessary supplies … involving them in the work as much as possible, and perhaps in this way also making the work more valuable to them. There are different ways of approaching this topic, I think – which is why I pointed out that we do take different ways to get to the same conclusion. Your post made me do some late night thinking, as well – so I would say we are quid pro quo so far 🙂

    2. Stormwise, I wish we could sit and have a cup of tea, lol.. I feel like we’d have so many great discussions on life and path 🙂 I do so love the idea of having people bring some of what is needed, that they are being engaged in an active role so to speak in what you are working.. I really love the idea of it adding value for them.

      1. I feel the same way – if I were ever out your way (meaning, on your side of the planet), I would certainly try to make time for a pot of tea and a long conversation 🙂 Regarding the involvement of people in their own in the work I do for them, it seems to me a natural way to help strengthen the people around me.

  2. In the old days back when, if someone openly told you they were a person of power, you knew full well they weren’t. It was the ones who kept to themselves, quietly serving the people who had the most Power. They served without expectation for compensation beyond custom. They served whenever they were called to, no matter the hour, weather, or their own needs.
    They lived that way so that the people may Live. They walked that way because the People needed to walk in a good and spiritual way. We still do.

  3. I was recently asked my “paths”, as well as how I began. I had to think about it because as you may have noticed, or maybe not,While I have never hidden the fact that I’m Witch , I have never felt it necessary to explain myself. However, this is a new friend of a similar path and she did take the time to ask me, so I answered the best I could. As for how, I was born this way, I am the 7th generation of documented witches. You could say, I didn’t choose the witch life, the witch life chose me. As far as what path I choose, well, that’s a whole nother story. I am what I need to be, when I need to be it. I do what I need to do when it needs to be done. I would classify myself as a green witch, (a healer) a nature witch, a sea witch, and so on, so in a nutshell, I told my friend I guess I’m eclectic.

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