reworking the bones


I was standing at the counter discussing all manner of things when it hit me.. I needed to simplify these pieces. I had brought in my rabbit skin to be hennaed by the lovely Heron – a topic of much debate later as the skin had just not been cooperative, but then being one of mine I am not so sure why I expected it to be.

Heron does beautiful work (I’ve set in a couple of small pieces) and although my rabbit was a tough customer, I am thrilled with the results. It has a vintage-y worn in quality that makes the pelt feel comfortable to work with.. exactly what I would want in a tool. I know she stressed on it but I am hereby publicly claiming it the awesome.. so that’s that. I had brought my reading pieces along with so she could get an idea of how they would fall spatially.. and apparently they needed tweaking.


I spent the evening moving pieces out.. the fox teeth and vertebrae, some fur, and various other bits. I also wound up adding in the bear vertebrae, a jay feather, and one particular stone that Blau had sent me before his passing. I don’t believe that I simplified so much as I reworked them but such is life. I did a quick throw just to get a feel and saw something quite personal in the reading.. a success after all.

In the case of how I read, I don’t have a specific meaning assigned and the pieces change with time, I have an old post here. Also some great collections and other posts on this type of divining can be found here, here, and here… I love searching for collection pictures, there are so many interesting ones out there. As a note of interest, I find that I only reach for these when I am seeking an answer for myself and not others.. the pieces being too tied to my personal.


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