and the earth wept at her passing


It had started to rain after I lay her down in the earth beneath the new maple. She was our oldest and her death was sudden.. we were not at all prepared. I told the husband later that the earth was weeping at the loss of her. He replied that it was a good way to look at it, that she was a princess among cats. I sent with her a charm of crow feathers and evil eye.

Our little garden has been in chaos.. workers damaged a good part of it yet again and we felled our old maple. I spent the rest of the weekend straightening out what I could, stopping occasionally to talk to our little princess. My hawthorn baby would not fit the spot.. no tearful goodbyes though, she is going to join an old witchy friend of mine to live out life in a land of celebrations. The new one’s serenity was just what was needed, and so it all worked out.

The maple is a traveler’s wood, associated with the moon and the elemental energies of water. It is useful in works dealing with change, communication, knowledge, and spiritual healing. I find the maple to be a tree of quiet contemplation and gentle protectiveness.. it is why I laid her there. It is my hope that our new protector will wrap roots around her and hold her through the ever after.


13 thoughts on “and the earth wept at her passing

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. On the way home today around 4:30 CST a fox crossed my path. I was like hm that is unusual something must have happened to my friend Morgan. All you can do is remember she was well loved, well loved.

    1. I was thinking about you yesterday afternoon, I wondered how you were and that I had not heard from you in a bit. I hope all is well and I will try not to let so much time pass this time 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful and moving way to see a loved one to the next part of their journey … bright blessings upon those who have gone on, and bright blessings upon those who have remained.

  3. A Tortie… they really are special. My Lyra is also a Tortie. Although she is still in her first year, I am already preparing for the day when she will leave. I think perhaps it heightens my appreciation of her… but we can never really prepare. I hope your pain will lessen quickly and you will be left with all the good memories of your companion. ❤

    1. Thank you so much.. The torties really do have such a personality, my husband said he didn’t think he could have another bc it would remind him so much if her

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