practical magick.. witching in the garden


Weeks ago I worked with Bear. I got a definite feeling of needing to move inward. I needed to work on finding something.. some personal peace in my mundane.. something fulfilling. I needed to find a workable balance and that would require me to spend some time withdrawing a bit. I chose to start in the garden.

For me the garden has always been a liminal place like the ocean or the woods. A place of quiet whisperings and the slow unfolding of knowledge. It is in the movement of air bringing something with it and the comforting presence of the genus loci.. yes, even bits hidden in the city have stories to tell. I have been away from it far too long and the need was on me to settle the mess that was once my green escape.

The dudiest dude arrived late that Friday afternoon to help me round out the garden.. I am not fond of strangers messing with my plantlings, it’s a thing and so he was there as a favor to me. The new ones were set out awaiting placement. My plan was to nestle them among those surviving old timers, bringing in a bit of change. I focused much less this time on structuring the garden and just decided to go with what called to me. When I walked out to spend time, what plants would bring me the most happiness?

I started with colors most loved – burgundies, rosy pinks, and plums.. the colors of friendship, love, and passion. I added a touch of yellow for joy and a bit of white to catch the moon’s attention. I chose plants with names that make me happy.. like moondust, ruby slippers, and Godzilla (for the husband). The one that I’m most excited about is my Alnwick Rose.. one day I will get there.

I wound up with many fae plants, herbs for the practical, and some protective ones old and new. Did you know that azaleas are very protective? I have an army of them lined up outside my fence still. My elemental representations were still in place. I added many plants for the wildlife.. birds, bees, and butterflies.

What about a working witches garden? I honestly didn’t stress about it. Some of my traditional plants survived.. the mugwort, wormwood, and my hedge taper of mullein. I was more interested to see what my new callers would bring to me. They did not disappoint.. hydrangeas to break hexes, vines to bind, rosemary to honor the dead, and so much more.

This last bit of chaos resulted in a fair amount of loss, a bit of letting go, and an overhaul of what will hopefully make sense over time.. all of this in an afternoon and not just in the garden. However that is an unfolding story for another day and there is only so much within my control. This fall seems to be bringing reflection and a putting into motion the ridding of that which no longer serves.. a particularly harsh taking of stock. Change is put into motion so that by winter’s time we can release anything lingering and work towards setting the seeds for new growth in the upcoming spring.


3 thoughts on “practical magick.. witching in the garden

    1. I love my hazel, one of my oldest started as a teeny stick.. He’s got a bit of transplant shock right now but am hoping for a quick bounce back and thank you 🙂

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