the long forgotten dead


I soaked the chicken heart in red wine and some other things before wrapping it in a bundle of red cloth for the offering. Later that weekend I would be taking it with me to the graveyard in Beaufort. Chicken hearts can be used for poppets, healing, cursing, and in this case.. as offering. My reasons for this particular choice are my own, but there are some great articles here and here. As always, do what works best in your path.. it is yours to walk.

I yet again missed doing my usual offerings to the dead.. the husband and I holed up somewhere celebrating our anniversary. We did get to attend a really fun Samhain party at one of our favorite spots so that was in keeping with the season at least. However, I still wanted to do something, even if a bit on the late side (or right on time going by Heron’s article as it was that weekend). No matter, I enjoy moving to my own timeline and so deemed it close enough.

Having a lack of fresh flowers, I decided to take with me the huge bag of beautifully dried roses gifted to me from the Mistress of the Box some time ago. I put them out on as many of the long forgotten graves as I could. I think I will make this a new tradition, saving as many dried flowers as I can over the growing season to use in honoring those left behind with time’s passing. When I ran out of flowers, I spread the remaining petals over the area of those unmarked. Then I buried my bundle and called it a day.


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