the movement of water


(..a much belated post)

“When do you feel most at peace?”, Walking Bear asked me not so long ago. “When I am with spirit”, was my response. It is within me and without, and when I’m settled down in those liminal places (for me the forest, the ocean, the garden); is when I feel it the strongest. Maybe it’s just a matter of having that time to listen and these are the places I go to have that listen. I had been feeling a bit stagnant by the time he had arrived.. the driftwood he brought changed all that. I had not been getting out enough. As I ran my hands over it, I could almost smell the salt air.. and something stirred.

My altar this year has pretty much remained the same, except for the removal of the owl’s wing.. but the area around it has. I feel sure there is a lesson in there somewhere. I have my familiar plantlings, my significant branches, and now my driftwood. This wonderful little bit of tree, no longer held by its roots, had found its way to me.. and with it brought me some of its movement.


Having been changed by the water’s ebb and flow, what is in a sense a death of its original form, it still retains some of its ancestry.. so along with the movement, it also brought me a feeling of home. Water was my first calling – there was something about the fluidity, the tempestuous sea, and those creatures of the deep that held me enthralled. I always feel its call, even when I’ve been away for too long.. and the driftwood being between water and earth, it was quickly mine. I feel it speak, much like I do Nelia.

This was sometime before Yule and I had been toying again with the idea of an altar dedicated to my witchy ancestors.. something I have had sporatically on my mind for a few years but that had never seen fruition. I really wanted to honor this connection. I set to the task within the next few days.. housing my bits of witchy goodness in one of those bottles where ships can be found. It is full of all things I associate with the craft.. roots, graveyard dirt from under my tree, herby things, a small shell, bits of spider; and a beautiful crow feather. I am planning to add a bit of moonstone in future. Earth, sea, sky.. and those that weave the web. I light a candle before it now every time I visit the altar. Since then came an addition to tribe, many ideas, an answer to my red eyed horse; and an insight into that elusive place I have revisited over and over in dreamland where I bury bones and explore places of living.. but that’s a story for another day.


5 thoughts on “the movement of water

  1. It’s good to see you are moving forward 🙂 Sometimes a bit of stagnation can do us good – like the winter, a time for reflecting and gathering potential – it would now seem a new spring emerges for you 🙂

  2. This is a really wicked idea. I also love your altar space and your writing style. I’d be interested to hear an update on what effects you’ve observed after dedicating a project to your connection to the Witch Ancestors – if you’d be comfortable sharing?

    I’ve personally neglected that connection a bit myself, tending to focus more on my personal ancestors. Might have to take a leaf out of your book, so to speak. 😉 Thank you for sharing this.

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