into the quiet


Yet again I am falling behind and the mundane is taking up so much of my time in the all. Imbolc was weeks ago and I am just now posting as we rapidly approach another turn.. my time just never seems to move quite the same as others.

My tribe has narrowed quite a bit since withdrawing into the silence of Bear’s suggestion.. time mostly spent either quietly working my craft or with those closest and most trusted. My pull away from community a bit has been a great lesson.. not that I spend a lot of time “out there” but I do find I miss the conversations. However, I serve spirit and it was a necessary thing. I continue to work in this quiet, although I have dipped my toes back in a bit and joined a new discussion group.. I am very excited to see where that takes me.

Cin & The Mistress of the Box invited me over for an Imbolc feast, I love that they truly embrace parts of my path. My new tribe is diverse in belief and I do so love that. My fellow hedger and I quickly ventured out into the darkness to leave offerings to the garden spirits. I whispered quiet blessings to them in the cold. Later we gathered around the fire pit and burned some herbs.. I thought of the hearth fire card of the wildwood and all that it means.

Further into the week, the husband helped me to dance around our little treeling.. pounding my feet to the ground to wake the spring and also leaving offerings for my garden spirits as well as the small ones buried there. I’ve also been keeping company sporadically with the Raven, with whom most of my spiritual convos have been of late. This has brought me many insights to ponder and so I choose to keep those selfishly to myself right now.. in time, in time..


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