of the lost (part 1, the consult)


**as a note, I wrote part 2 before part 1, but part 1 seemed like it needed to be first

Question: Why was I chosen for the lost?

The cards say:

The Lovers, The Wheel Of Fortune, The Magician: You were chosen by blind chance and you went along with it. The ultimate choice is yours, but there is a pull that you haven’t been able to resist; as the wheel spins, you get lost in the ride. And then there is the fact that you are just so damn alluring that seekers can’t seem to help but be drawn to you and your magic. But remember you are the magician and you can do whatever you damn well please. Do you see which side the handle of the wheel is on? It’s on the side of the magician…which means the magician controls it.

“Blind chance” came from the angel hovering above your head in the lovers. The divine winged being wears a blindfold while shooting arrows. How does he know what he aims at? It’s all chance.

The Lovers is the crossroad. People think it’s about romance and true, passionate love. It’s not…at all. It’s about choice…to stay or go, to choose this or that, etc. Do I go this way or that way? The crossroad.

Such was my consult from Batelevr (henceforth to be known the Keeper of Batelevr, or “B” for short.. she has turned in her path, my fellow hedger, much like the wheel.. her path moving through the mists she now peers through and the provider of the above photo). It brought forth a great many thoughts.. foremost of Fortuna, the Fates, and that pledge I made at the crossroads summers ago.

The wheel belongs to her, Fortuna, to spin at random. It is said that she is insane and blind.. and wherever that wheel lands is where fortune falls. She will never still because to do so she would cease to be fortune. The wheel is cosmic law, nothing remains static.. from chaos turns order turns chaos.. the cycle of all things.

“The wheel of fortune is an ancient image, depicting man bound to the wheel of destiny, helpless before blind chance or the impartial hands of the Fates; who spin, measure, and then finally cut the threads of his life. Even then, as we attain the quiet centre, we understand that before too long it will be time to move on to the next cycle.” – The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway.

Oh the fates (or as I refer to them, those twisted bitches).. in Greek mythology they were the Moirai, white robed incarnations of destiny. Their number became fixed at three (I so love threes) – the spinner, the drawer of lots, and the unturnable.. or so I read. They watched over the fate assigned by eternal laws to be sure it took the proper course. I tend to prefer the Norns and the mythology of Yggdrasil..

In blinding and chance woven into the threads of destiny, I thought of the Justice card in the Wildwood deck.. the image of her blindfolded before the scales. I also thought of an old convo with Walking Bear on caring for the fallen or the fallout. That is neither here nor there and I am rambling again.. but then the magician is the equivalent of the Shaman in the Wildwood deck and in it the bringer of insight. He also brings understanding of your true place in the world. The Lovers in this Wildwood are in part representative of balance, an exchange of respect and the burning away of the waste of greed.

Choice and balance.  Chance and the weavers of fate. Control and insight. And an old pledge that still seems to be bringing me the lost.




2 thoughts on “of the lost (part 1, the consult)

  1. I disagree with your self-description of “alluring.” This word has too much to do with lures and traps, and this isn’t what you are about. A flame is alluring to a moth, a Venus Fly Trap has allure for its meals. Attractive is more appropriate – especially when looked at from the perspectives of gravity or magnetism. The energy and aura you generate has a natural pull toward beings with their own matching energies and auras … as a seer with experience finding your way through dark places, the lost will tend to need you and rely on you. This is because Fate (however you wish to name it) has turned you into a guide … and like with attracting magnets, the guide and the lost belong together. This took me a while to understand with regards to people in my life who have also looked to me for guidance. When I was a teenager, my mother despaired that all the other kids who were asking for my help would somehow pull me down – it was actually quite the opposite, as helping to guide others through their storms completes me.

    Your post has me wondering about the promise you made – will this be in the second part?

    1. Actually the description wasn’t a self description but was from B’s reading.. I feel I can only describe myself as alluring if I were possibly holdin a doughnut 😉 but she reads exactly as the cards tell her.. I asked because the blind chance threw me until I thought in it a little (a lot of work for chance, I thought, but then chance woven in with destiny and all that the wheel and the crossroads) and yes, in part two I will talk a bit about the pledge. I just didn’t want to get too long winded as you know I like to ramble.

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