what’s up buttercup.. er, stink bug


I got up from the sofa where I was cat cuddling to find one underneath me and thought.. thats odd.. What is that?? I put him to safety outside. A few days later, I found one on the hearth.. I told the husband how weird it was that I had just found one of these not too long ago. Then we saw one crawling about while watching tv and over the next few weeks several more visited. I thought.. hmmmm, maybe we have a nest. The husband laughingly asked one day if I would be getting a stink bug tattoo (giving of the flesh, tattoos of those mine, and a story for another day).. I said absolutely, if he did indeed stick around and became one of mine. Then one afternoon of traveling about town one day, I came out of a store to find one in my car.. alright already, it was time to see what stink bug wanted.

Now, I am a tactile person, as I am sure I have mentioned.. Magpie may have left me but her need sickness is still very much a part of my soul. I like to have things in my little hands, things to hold and stroke.. things surrounding my person.. things to touch and look upon as I ponder. It is just a part of how I work. I have had this convo numerous times over the years and yes, one doesn’t need anything but oneself really for the work but I still find it helpful.. and I am okay with that.

So there I sat on the couch pondering.. no stink bug in hand because I had freed them all and debating how it was that I wanted to work. Just a few inches ahead came a teeny spider sliding down on it’s silk in front of me.. cute, I thought, as I went back to my musings. Suddenly she dropped down right in front of my eye. Yes, I peed a little. She then went back up.. back down.. back up.. well, you get the idea. I got the idea as well – time to get on with it.

I lay down by the hearth while the house was still quiet. The husband was not yet up and the cats had gone back to napping after the disturbance of my squeal. I didn’t pick up the cards. I didn’t light any candles or incense. I didn’t do any of the things I might normally do when working. I simply lay there with the image of him focused in my mind’s eye and reaching out with the curious thought.. “What’s up buttercup.. er, stink bug??” One simple phrase stuck in my head.. stay away. That’s all.. just the one phrase and I couldn’t shake it. Thank you so much vague-a-licious.. le sigh, I left an offering by the hearth in thanks and he hasn’t visited since.

Stink bugs are said to be able to show the connection between seemingly unrelated events. They also aid in clarifying dreamwork. Pay attention to your instincts when dealing with people and situations, there is something to be found in concealment. The scent and the shell.. it is there to camouflage the truth and protection can be found in your surroundings.


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