a buddhist, a scientist, and a witch walk into a garden..


to the waters beyond

stars and creation

the air that is my breath

and the light of my soul

All were saged and the old ones called, offerings were laid in honor of all life before and all life continuing.. tea, wine, and honeyed milk. An offering was laid for the fae, those wild nature spirits.. to the waters beyond, flowered water was poured to the west.. to the stars and creation, fragrant rose petals were laid in the north.. to the air that is my breath, the incense was set to smoke in the east.. and the light of my soul, candles were set to float- one for each of us in the south. We lit fire to the petition and sat down for a Beltane feast, wine, and good conversation.

I was going to title this “the cycles of creation”. I’ve been watching The Story of God with Morgan Freeman and though I generally do not consider myself religiously inclined in the mainstream sense, it is fast becoming one of my favorite shows. In the last episode before Bel, there was a bit about the Hindu creation theory. It talks about how the Hindu see things in cycles of creation, not to solve the riddle of creation that happened long ago but to give thanks to the forces that allow us to be here and that continue to sustain us.. including the river Ganges. In the artist ritual that takes place on the banks of the Ganges, seven priests offer all the elements to the Goddess Ganga – water, air, earth, and light.. the light that represents all of our souls. People gather at the rivers edge on which they place the light of their own souls, in the form of a lit vessel, to float to out and bring that which will be good for them.. a great river that gives life to all of its people. At the end of the episode, Morgan speaks to the hope of togetherness and this became the inspiration for my celebration.

Lately in my mundane there has been much talk about discord in community. I try not to be party to such things, in my realm of community I do my best to honor all. I think my tendency to pull from many different paths sometimes is a reflection of that and I am in love with how he chose to end the segment – “It is my fervent hope that people will open their hearts and minds and see that our beliefs don’t have to divide us, they have the power to unite us.. to allow us together to achieve remarkable things. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.”



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