a delicate sliver of rabbit bone


Though she has left me, her love of all things shiny still remains.. I have a magpie soul. I like the tactile. I want spiritual items that I can wear, touch, lick, stare at.. which brings me to the topic of ritual jewelry and my serious obsession with all things Eilisain.

One wears ritual jewelry for many reasons.. for the properties of the materials, to mark the movement from a mundane task to a spiritual one, to direct energies, as a fetish or representation of the object.. and so much more. I decided long ago that I wanted to incorporate my pieces into the everyday and have collected over the years  a fair few stones, talismans, and all manner of shiny things I wear for various reasons on various days. I am a big believer that one should walk in their spiritual always, not just tuck it away for marked times.

My favorite pieces are from a local artist that I stumbled upon on Etsy – Eilisain. My first piece was a ring of crow claw holding a black tourmaline.. an excellent grounding stone and as a shamanic stone it is said to provide protection during ritual use. This piece was recently replaced with an owl talon ring from the husband and so I intend to make my talisman into a pendulum necklace in future.

I have her ring of turtle spine that elegantly wraps around my finger. Turtle is not one of mine, but is a piece to remind me of that which I hold dear. She remarks on her site -“The Keeper is the one between two worlds, earth and water, the turtle.. Turtles sense vibrations through water and through their skin and shell, they are amazing survivors..”

She did me the great service of crafting an original piece from one of my bones – a delicate sliver of rabbit bone. Along with my Shepard’s Crown, it is one of my most important ritual pieces. As mentioned, rabbit is the one who walks with me in journey and I use this piece as a tie to my physical body.. it never hurts to have that extra connection. It is a powerful piece for me in my workings and a gentle reminder of my service as I walk the everyday.

For Eilisain, all I can say is that the soul of her artistry can be felt in these pieces.. her spirit quiet and strong. They whisper to me of pounding drums and dancing in the wilds with those mine.. and I like having that bit of tactile to carry with me in the mundane and in the not so.


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