found objects and a dream of ox


The rain was coming down hard outside the store front.. it had been going heavy for some time. I was just here with another.. she had been trying on things she deemed too risqué for her outworld persona. I had come back for those things. I wanted to leave but I knew that the drive would be too treacherous. She (another she), the husband, and a man were close by having coffee. I went to join them.

A couple of men dressed as women come running in but they get caught up in the small crowd who are waiting out the rain. One gets turned around in the activity and he removes his mask. He is someone’s father. Ox is sitting on a shelf just past him. I realize that I know who ox needs to be with. I found myself thinking that I really wanted to go outside.. I could use a cigarette. 

The rain comes down harder and the she in my group is kneeling before a baby in a wicker cage. The cage is light and easily removed, but it is still a cage. Someone had put a blanket in with the child and I think- isn’t that dangerous? I woke with the thought- what’s the matter talent maker, everything’s pulled away..

Along my path, I find that I will pick up random waiting objects – they are on their way to someone with me being just their holding point. I often imagine that even once I pass them along to that person of need, that sometimes they stay with said person and then travel on to that person of need next..a great cycle of movement. It was such the case with ox, who I am happy to say has found his home after visiting one of my many shelves for a year give or take. Ox has also found his name, Hugo.. and as you can see from the photo is quite the camera hog.

I picked him up at a vintage shop while out trolling the coast with Walking Bear. He had (has) a certain energy and try as I might to convince myself that he did not need to go home with me, he had other ideas. Since there was a certain something about him, I chose not to smudge him as is my normal habit. I felt this something was going to be needed by whoever he chose to make his home with.. a feeling that seems to be working out. A weekend or few ago, I gifted him to his new home. I have a sneaking suspicion he has a great many lessons planned.


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