into the wood


An owl passed over as we entered into the wood to begin our task. Enveloped in the trees, the path was narrow. We decided on an overhang above the spring and settled down in the mud. I brought her question to the cards.. What tools would be needed from here? Then I laid the cards..

From the Wildwood:

Ace of Arrows, the breath of life- by breathing life into a thought and pursuing it to its material creation in the real world, we engage in an ancient and unique relationship with the universe and the divine..

5, The Ancestor- The Ancestor’s tracks lead into the wildwood. The morning is clear and frosty with the first glimmer of dawn shimmering on the horizon where the new moon hangs with the morning star, representing a new day and a reawakened soul. The Ancestor greets you as you walk up the path that leads to the forest..

King of Stones, Wolf- Revered as a ruthless tracker and hunter, the wolf has special symbolism.. comfortable in the dark and cold of winter, it was seen as a guardian of the dead on their journey through the night to the otherworld..

4, The Green Man (in shadow)- The face of the Green Man gazes from this card with a challenging and blazing stare. Golden summer sunlight radiates from the leaves that burst abundantly across his glowing fare and reach across the heart of the sacred land. In front of him is the cauldron of thriving and regenerating nature..

The wolf was blocking her, her spiritual path in shadow but it was time.. the Ancestor was calling her forward. I decided right there that he, the wolf, doesn’t get to decide.. she controls her breath and movement past these hindrances at hand. There was much work to be done and today we would start…

As we headed off further along the path to collect bits of fern for the smudge and the random wildflowers for the water, a crossroads came into our view. I turned toward her and asked if she was ready to fully step onto this path and work towards that spiritual she was seeking. It is no small feat to set one’s foot upon the path and commit fully to the work.. neither for her to make it or for me to commit to joining. I am no gentle witch of pretty ceremonies and empty words.. I work in shade and shadow, blood and bone, mud and muck. I am a working witch and this path is often twisty. We crossed over together and began..


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