the burning away


Much to Lola’s amusement, the rain continued to beat at us as we wound our way down the path.. her choice of time specifically moved to avoid just this such thing. I blamed the twisted bitches, as they must have felt a cleansing was in order and were having way too much fun with it. Earlier in our little adventure, a turtle brought us to three turkey vulture feathers and so we decided to take it as a sign to stick with the plan.. we would each keep one and the third would go up for offer at the close of the meal.

I sang the Raven song as I collected water from the stream, not bothering to spare Lola as she already knew I couldn’t sing. The water was to be used to draw the sign of crossing, forging a connection between the seen and the unseen. We then climbed up the ledge, struck Nelia into the ground, and drew out the sigil at the base of the Hawthorne. Offerings of food and red wine were made, and then each of us set fire (as best we could) to some unneeded things.. burying what was too wet to catch for the earth to finish.

Once we settled down to share the rest of the meal, covered in mud and stinging from our blood sacrifice to the horse flies, we decided that we very much enjoyed the rain.. and it was definitely needed. A snake wandered over to see what the fuss was about and so we decided it was time. I laid the feather down right before we headed out. By the time we had left the wood, the skies had cleared and another turtle came to bid us farewell.


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