la bella luna dea


I was there to find the crows, I thought as I wandered this place that was once home.. and I had to go to the bathroom. Nearing the edge of the neighborhood, a couple I did not know let me into their house to do just that. I was walking out when I saw the huge raven, his glossy black feathers stark against the ground. He was dead and I needed to take him with me. I knew this, but I had no gloves to protect me.

A large green caterpillar crawled out of his neck and I hesitated a moment before setting myself to the task. I decided to take his wings and his head.. which was being stubborn. I snapped it forcefully to the side and twisted it off.. sometimes it’s best just to get these things done as quickly as possible.

As I was leaving, I noticed the birds clustered in what looked like a large raised garden bed. There were too many to register. They were smaller and black with bits of white spots on their feathers. Their beaks were yellow and one was staring at me with great piercing eyes. What was he hoping to see, I wondered?

That week my dreams were full of small creatures, small creatures made large, and places that were once home. One morning my path was crossed by two cats, there but not there, and more whisperings than usual. I spoke that which seemed to be needed and wondered what all this activity was for.. that day, I heard from her.

La Bella Luna Dea and I share crow. We don’t often talk but when we do, our conversations are precious to me. This one was all about the shifty moonstone, friendships, the loss of, the whisperings of spirit, and her creative soul. If not for her artistry, those lessons I hold most spiritual may never have been set to rest. I look upon her work every day and am reminded of why I serve spirit. She was working on something for me, she just needed to have it realized and I could not wait to see.

She said that she had felt the need to make contact and I am glad that she did. I told her that only one thing lay heavy on my mind, tough choices and the longing of what was lost.. words that became truer as the weekend progressed. Later that night I was restless. I held her in my mind’s eye and pulled three cards.. instruction, protection, and the journey. I saw the instruction of ancestor, the image very paternal. I saw the need to protect the spiritually wounded. I saw the cyclic change that is the journey. It was time to let the bones be laid bare..

**beautiful artwork by Caroline Hedgepeth**



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