a work in progress


(a belated post)

“Sooooo.. we’re doing a rose garden?”, the husband asked when I yet again brought home another rose. Apparently so, said thought.. knowing more were soon to arrive. It’s early spring here and I was thinking about cycles and death.

The weather has been quite erratic this year so far, much like my spiritual. The garden is barren, most of my plants did not make it through the many trials of this past season, and I seem to be near about starting over. As usual, it is fitting.

I am always in awe at the synchronicity between personal and garden. This almost spring thus far still seems to be carrying forward some of the harsh emptiness of winter but I’m feeling that slight stir to start moving on.. having ripped out the expanse of death lingering about.
I am now hesitantly potting up the new. Some of the plants are ones I’ve never grown before so I am a bit curious as to what they will bring.. and of course I keep bringing the roses.

Normally my equinox consists of a simple garden ritual and a trip to the local nursery. I wander among the rows of baby plantlings and try to find the one that calls loudest. I take it home, build it an altar of offerings, and then plant it to see what it has to bring. This year I believe that decision has already been made and now I am just sitting in the empty.. waiting.

** Since writing this, the roses have budded and I have spent many hours in the garden toiling in contemplation of personal. What needs to stay and what needs to go? The answer isn’t always so easy.. and it’s still a work in progress.

Recently (ish), someone new came to me for direction. I said to them that the one thing I felt that was important to take away from these things is that you are building your path, not following a set of instructions. You get out of it the work you put into it. Do things as they call to you. Use the information and inspiration that feels right for you.. lay aside what doesn’t, even if at some point it did. Path is constantly evolving and you will always be learning if you decide to stay on it.. but it should be yours, not anyone else’s.

One of my witchlings said to me that I should write a post on that. I thought I wouldn’t.. I mean, I feel like I preach that all the time. People are surely tired of hearing it. I realize now that this time I needed to hear it.

and a bit about how I work with roses..

Love, passion, good fortune – such earthly desires are said to be linked to the rose. It all sounds so lovely, but one must remember the thorns. Thorns to entangle and draw blood.. of struggle and suffering.. she just isn’t the innocent beauty she seems.

I use the thorns for cursing and protection.. not even going to sugarcoat that. I bury pictures under the roots for the latter (a tidbit I picked up from a class I attended at Hexfest). I expanded on that with poppets or root bags that I want to get firmly choked and entangled by the roots for the former.

I combine the dried petals for incense, normally with basil and patchouli amongst a few other things. I use the fresh petals in making “Florida” water. I also make a honey elixir for my tea. When I have more than I can use, I often take the petals down to the graveyard and scatter them about the graves to honor those long dead.. but not forgotten.



One thought on “a work in progress

  1. “I am always in awe at the synchronicity between personal and garden.” Bam! You nailed it! Loved this post – I hope mine survived the year’s trials as well.

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