into the quiet


I spent the equinox feasting with the ancestors of spirit. I left them with many offerings. It was the second harvest and even with all that had passed, I was still very thankful. I left the water collected from the hurricane with them during the feast, I planned to use it for cleansing and such later. A friend came by and cards were pulled. I was feeling very optimistic about the cycle ahead even with them showing challenges.

The next day I woke with the calling to dig. She had been at rest for a long time. I found her quite more intact than she really should have been, and I thought.. maybe she just wanted me to know all was as it should be.


You see, the weekend before the storm had found me sitting at the base of the twisty tree. I had broken my pact with owl as I found it no longer served. I had taken this bit of spiritual very seriously but it had been out of balance and I needed to no longer hold that space. Having been visited by owl in the old graveyard previously, I had to think Spirit already knew.. this really was just a formality.

Over the past few months I had been working on daily solar rituals balanced with a bit of moon work. Sometimes it was just finding time to light a candle to connect and greet the day. That rhythm had brought with it a bit of clarity.. simplicity being key for me at the moment. Lately I have been pulling away from things more and more.. be that good, bad, or merely cyclic.

Where I will find myself after, I just don’t know.. or if I will even make the journey back. I find that I am less inclined to put myself out there of late. For now, all I can really speak to is my truth as it stands in this moment- that I will be stepping away.. from the blog, the rabble, possibly even the work.. and into the quiet.



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