what now, fool?


Zero.. infinite possibilities.. I lit the candle and tried to embrace the flame’s warmth as I studied my companion. It seems like we were just here not so long ago. I am repeating cycles and I am no baby in need of sitting.. someone had to choose.

I choose to be a better witch than the one currently reflected. I choose not to give my control over to that which is not needed. I choose to move past to try to heal the unkind parts hiding in my ugly. I choose to clear the path. It is all I can choose.

My notes read something like this, “ one of the best cards to spend the day with.. he follows his spirit and always ends up where he needs to be.” These are wise words not mine.. and so I asked the cards “what now?” I feel like that is what she would do. Then I take his hand, somewhat regret tinged, and step away to put my foot onto another path.

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