caressing the carnelians


I was milling about in one of my favorite local haunts, obsessively caressing the carnelians with those closest, when the most beautiful point caught my attention. I silently reasoned with it that we would have to get to know each other later as I currently had no wiggle room. I would be back, I promise.. for YOU and for my carnelian friend. I would not forget.

Phantom quartz, the local shop guru told me as the husband gifted it. It had a story, only partially shared, and he was sad to see it go. Honestly, it felt a bit melancholy as I cradled it safe and whispered to it that it would like its new home.. and that it was loved.

Even now, as I am forever learning, I find that I am still more apt to pick up what calls to me instead of intentionally seeking something out. As such, I probably have way more selenite, labradorite, and carnelian (and bones, and feathers, and sticks..) than your average. I am sure there is a message in there  somewhere.. well, besides Kondo can’t touch my shiny preciouses. This one surprised me, however.

Phantom Quartz, I read later, is a powerful healer in that its phantoms bring their own additional messages of wisdom. It’s said to be a stone of growth and transformation.. and of leaving behind the ego to allow for this. When I am not holding it in council to help me work on moving through blockages, it holds space on my moon card pulls to assist in what I have been tasked to focus on. I now see clearly why it called.

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