joie de vivre


Just to put it out there – I am a bit of a Francophile and I believe in most things woo-woo. Even so, I was a bit taken aback when a moment of great clarity was brought to me via my Oui yogurt top.. Joie de vivre, the joy of living.

With all that is going on right now – stress and the scare surrounding Covid-19, the constant media bombardment, all of our communal uncertainty.. I am just happy to be living. I do my best to push past the fears of the day and be at peace as much as I possibly can because we still are here.. and that’s a wonderful thing. We only have so much control.

I have been keeping up with my meditations and since I work at what is considered an “essential” manufacturing plant, I have been lucky to keep my paycheck going. Because of this, I also haven’t experienced extreme isolation.. plus we will be having social distance dinner with our lovely neighbor friend this evening. There is still joy to be found and I count myself quite lucky. Even in the midst of this chaos, we can hopefully all find something to hold us up.. my yogurt label told me so.

For that which I am grateful for.. all the things:
  1. still working and am donating in smaller ways what I can from the distance because there is always a need
  2. all the beautiful souls in life who support and connect so we don’t feel alone
  3. more quiet time at home with the best husband ever and the fat cats
  4. my stash of hot teas that get me through the day
  5. grumpy cat slippers to warm my constantly cold feet.. although I almost wore them to work again this morning
  6. the reminder that it’s okay to slow down, I am trying to appreciate what beauty that can be found in the now
  7. all of the amazing people helping the collective maintain and provide necessities- gas stations, grocery employees, restaurants providing options where they can, medical staff, etc.. all working themselves to exhaustion. Where would we without these heroes?

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