flower moon

Last night was the last full super moon of 2020.. and the flower moon. I always think of the flower moon as the unfurling of possibilities. Being that it was a full moon in Scorpio, I read, it was also a good for releasing and time spent in healing. Apparently said Scorpio is good for introspection and growth.

Since I have been fine tuning and timing my manifestation work to the moon’s cycles, I spent some time in the quiet late last night mulling over the (almost) completion of my last  work, which has been very productive – calling in supportive, healthy relationships.

The universe continues to throw me some challenges on this but so far I have been really strong at keeping myself in alignment with what I want to cultivate in this area of my life and weeding out relationships that no longer serve.. be they codependent, drama laden, or simply no longer a fit. None of this was easy but it was necessary to clear the path for positive movement.. so this moon I worked to release any negative emotions I still had lingering around that.

To me manifesting is more than just clarifying and the energetically positive around what you seek, but also about clearing space to make room for those things. Listing baby steps that can be accomplished in the now or close to, things to clear away that do not align, and really anything small that fits with what you’re trying to call in is a good practice. Then putting together a plan to consistently work on these steps.. and of course doing the work.

And, since new growth was on the mind, I took a baby step towards what I plan to work on next – the energy (and hang-ups, and missteps.. don’t get me started) surrounding money in my life.. and opening up a more positive relationship in that area.

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