11 thoughts on “contact

      1. Aw you’re sweet 🙂
        Your site really is wonderful – inspiring! I look forward to seeing more! And anything I can do to make it less lonely, just let me know.

      2. Well shucks, i plan to be reading yours though the weekend… very excited. And I just finished my leibster speil post so hopefully i did everything right…

      3. It looks perfect to me! I love your answers, and your new questions. AND I’m looking forward to checking out the sites you nominated too! I’m going to read through your blog this weekend as well. Have fun in the woods!

  1. I love this sign, nice places too visit. I love this site, maybe i love it because i had a feeling when i first saw it. Or it’s the fact your a witch I’m also a witch, i follow the nocturnal path,I’ve been studying witchcraft for over 10 years now. But i first got into around 1973 couple of yr’s after i got home from Vietnam, an old girlfriend turned me on to get, I think witches are born and not made, i new i was different,I always loved the earth love the smell of wet dirt,don’t you? I’m sorry about just talking so much. I would love to talk to you about witchcraft more!!! Please e-mail me and we’ll talk. And i know it is lonely out there, being what we are! But it’s a lot better than it was in the 70s & 80s. Hope to talk too you soon!!!! BOB

      1. thanks for a writing back, I love your writings I READ THEM AII. AND i also love dirt, I Hope i made a new friend i need one, thinks are bad!!!

  2. Yes! it’s great making new friends, when that new friend as things in common with each other. Hope to be talking to to you soon. BOB

  3. I simply love all your work, do you have any luck contacting spirits, i need help contacting my father, I need to talk to my DAD, it feels real close at tim es, meaning I can feel something. Would you help ?

  4. Hi Michelle, thank you for visiting me on my journey and your support and encouragement by letting me know what you like 🙂 It gave me a chance to connect back to your site which is a great place to sit with a cup of tea for a visit 🙂 Blessed be, and Namaste. In balance, Kayla

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